Budge TC-1 Tractor Cover

Budge TC-1 Tractor Cover

This Budge TC-1 Tractor Cover will fit a tractor cover up to 54". This cover is made from a UV treated polyester material that is water repellant. This cover features double stitched seams, for added durablity, and a full elastic hem to ensure a snug fit. This tractor cover is olive green in color. A storage bag is included so you can easily store your cover when not in use.

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Comments / reviews:
This cover fits my John Deere L110 perfectly. The material is thicker than expected based on other reviews. The elastic draw cord keeps the cover secure. It helps to spray these covers with a sealer that is intended for tents used for camping, it will slow the UV damage that eats these covers up.

I've had my cover two weeks, so I can't judge it's durability yet. But it's well made, Many, if not all the seams are double-stitched and are nicely finished. The elastic around the bottom is pretty stout, stretchy enough to fit the cover down over my 46" mower deck and even fits out over and around the 10" or so clipping deflector. The elastic fits snugly though, once you get it around the tires and pull down toward the ground. Haven't seen it in high wind but based on the other reviews, and now seeing the cover, I don't think even high wind will blow it off. Also haven't had any rain to speak of since I've had it so I can't speak to the water resistance.

It goes on fairly easily once you get the hang of it. The cover has a label sewn into the elastic band that indicates the front of the cover. That's good because when it's on the tractor it's tapered down a bit over the hood, and taller where steering wheel and seat are. My tractor has a tall brake pedal on one side, along with a PTO handle on the steering column, and then gear shift handle on one rear fender and cutting height handle on the other. With all this stuff sticking up, the cover will get hung up a bit when trying to put it on. Seems to work best if a hook the front of the cover under the bumper, then pull the back down over the seat back, then pull the sides out and down. There are also two little pockets sewn onto the cover, I think on the inside toward the back, which help you position it while standing behind the tractor. Nice touch.

The cover material isn't very thick or heavy, but it's reasonably soft and flexible, and strong enough to stand up to more tugging than you'll need to do to get it on or off.

I like that the elastic at the bottom is tight enough that you can put it about halfway up the tires to leave a little air circulation underneath, for example if you've just washed it down and want to let it dry, then go back later and pull it down to the ground.

We're planning on getting a shed this year, so we won't be letting the tractor sit out this winter, but I don't think the cover would be bothered by getting a heavy snow or a coat of sleet or ice on it. However, I would expect mice and other creatures would enjoy the dry space created by the tractor cover during the winter. We leave our gas grill on the deck year round, and my wife does a pretty good job of sealing it up, but every spring we're cleaning mouse nests out of it. Same will probably happen if you leave the tractor outside with this cover on all winter.

I'm still scratching my head over the little duffle bag the cover comes in, which on mine was sewn to the cover bottom seam by about a 10" long piece of the cover material. It's obviously supposed to be a carry bag for the cover, but it seems like the cover is going to be on the tractor unless your actually mowing, so who needs a carry bag?

I'll update this review later in the year after we've had some rain and wind. But for the price of this cover, I'm very happy with it.

I was going to get a brand name for my new Arien, but because I overspend on the tractor, I follow reviews and took a risk with the cheap cover. It works very well, covers the whole thing, wheels and discharger included. I leave in Florida and so far there is no water pulling on the tractor after a rainstorm.

I read all of the reviews pro and con. I decided to take a chance and I'm glad I did. The cover is well worth the money. The fabric is good quality and the elastic is strong. It just fits my riding mower that has to be left outside. It has been through rain and fairly high winds and has stayed on.

Time will tell on the durability, but I have every reason to believe this will last a good while. Quality stitching and an excellent material for covering my mower. I greatly enjoy the elastic bottom. It does a great job holding this tight even on the windiest of days.

Needed a cover for my riding mower and went with this one due to price. Came very quickly and it works for my mower well. I keep my mower in the garage, so I bought this more as a dust cover than protection against the elements. Seems durable and it is not a plastic or vinyl type of material. Am happy with the purchase.

Just put this into service and it fits well on my riding lawnmower. During recent rain, it kept the water off the mower. The one this replaced was about twice the cost and lasted 5-6 years before it started ripping (due, I assume, to UV exposure). We'll see if this one lasts as long. But for now, I'm considering this a good price for a well-fitting cover... arrived quick, packaged well.

Fits the Club Cadet great. Easy to put on and take off. It's been through a few rains and oak pollen season already and is holding up fine.

this is the second cover I purchased, great value & great price

Purchased previously and required an additional cover for a second lawn tractor. The first one, now 4yrs olds, is still serviceable. The manf has improved the elastic cord and I am happy with is purchase and recommend.

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