MaxPower 13216 Magnetic Wall Mount Blade Balancer by Tecomec

MaxPower 13216 Magnetic Wall Mount Blade Balancer by Tecomec

Magnetic wall mount blade balancer by Tecomec. Six magnets allow better stability. Wall mount; Quality construction.

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Comments / reviews:
I had been using the nail method of balancing my mower blades for a while now. I knew they were not well balanced and seemed to be getting worse every time I sharpened them. Soon it sounded like a helicopter taking off and I knew I had to do something else. Being Dutch and cheap I knew that taking them to a professional to have them sharpened was for suckers. Why pay for something you can clearly do yourself? This balancer was what I needed to get that professional result. Even pressure and slow feed rates with my grinder sharpen the blade nicely and this device does a good job at making sure they are perfectly balanced and straight. Now the mower no longer shakes at all. It is smooth as can be. I did debate over this model and the higher priced Mag-1000. I'm not disappointed in this balancer and feel for the average homeowner who only sharpens his blades once or twice a season this is a great option.

I've tried 3-4 of the 'other' cheap blade balancers, and they just don't work. This one really does~! With my three blade deck it's almost impossible to tell if the blades are engaged or not, you can really dial-in the balance of your blades with this unit. It's not cheap, but this is one of those cases that you really do get what you pay for.

UPDATE 10/29/2015:
Still using this to balance blades from 1 three-blade zero-turn mower, 1 two-blade lawn tractor, and 1 single-blade push power mower. I mow six 1 acre+ lawns weekly, so small mowing business, not planning to grow. Sharp blades (and clean deck) make mowing much easier, but balanced blades make the work more enjoyable and less tiring. In all three examples, using a well balanced blade(s) reduces vibration transferred to the operator (me). In my opinion the (to me) high cost of this balancer has already paid for itself!

Also, it is super easy to verify a non-bent blade. Even a slightly bent blade can give you a very poor cut, just like if your deck hasn't been leveled.

To check the performance I take a balanced blade, add a small bit of masking tape to one side and watch it go out of balance on this balancer. (just like trying to balance a dirty blade, then you clean it, and it becomes unbalanced) It really is a case of how perfect is good enough for you?

With use and practice I have gotten better at both cleaning/sharpening blades, and the task of re-balancing blades has also become easier/faster.

So, should a 'homer-owner' buy this? If you like tools and funds are not a big issue than yes, it's worth it's price (around here, having a shop do a blade is $15 bucks, and even a home-owner mowing one lawn should do the blade at least yearly. The more you mow, the more often the blades should be done. Using a cheap balancer or the nail method is close enough to stop damage from an unbalanced blade killing a spindle.

I balance one set (2 or 3) blades weekly, do the math, it's paid for itself already.

This (to me) was a large expense that I was not sure I *needed*. In hindsight, I am glad I bought and use it.

I just got some totally new OEM Toro mulching blades and figured I'd test out this balancer on them. Apparently this thing is so precise that it noticed that my factory new blades were unbalanced out of the box where the good ol plastic balancer said they were fine. They weren't WAY off balance, but this thing is percise enough to pick up imperfections in Toro's manufacturing process which I found impressive.

I guess I better be sure my blades are totally clean when I check them on this thing... a little grass/dirt will really piss this thing off.

Oh and if you plan on using this in your basement like I did... make sure you have something wood to mount it to (unless you have a hammer drill for concrete). I realized I was surrounded by cement when I was trying to decide on a place to put it in my basement. If your bench is level, you can mount it there though.

It's just about the width of a 2x4. Just make sure your bench is either really heavy or secured to the floor/wall though... you really need to tug on your blades to get them off these magnets.

The magnets are extremely strong... I'd say mounting to a stud is a must. I think with regular use with the best anchors, at some point you're going to be holding a chunk of drywall attached to your perfectly balanced mower blade in your hands... and that's when the fun really begins.

My father has been looking for a blade balancer like this for years. I finally found this one, and instantly ordered it for his recent birthday. It is constructed of quality materials, and features Italian precision in its construction. The spindle moves quite freely, and I know that dad is anxious to try this out once the weather warms up. The design of the piece makes sharping and balancing your blades a breeze. My father swears by a 4" angle grinder with the appropriate metal and/or sanding wheels to sharpen his blades. With some practice, anyone can be skilled at sharping their blades, saving the cost of having to take these to a professional once or twice a year.
I would have bought a second one for myself, but it is much easier to ask dad for a favor and then treat him to some breakfast at the local cafe.

Subsequent to wall mounting the unit, verifying the unit was level vertically and horizontally, I noticed that when the blade is close to balanced, I can move the blade off the horizontal balance line within 15 degrees and the blade will remain in that position. A blade severely out of balance will drop hard and fast to the vertical position while other blades close to prober balance will drop slow toward the vertical and with these blades there is no question which end of the blade must be ground down to bring it within 15 degrees of horizontal balance. At this stage, I use a bastard file instead of a grinder as only a small amount of metal needs to be removed to bring the blade to the horizontal. I suspect, per the one page manual that if the blade is within 15 degrees of proper horizontal balance that the blade will remain in that position as it is so close to perfect horizontal balance. However, I was thinking that lubrication of the bearings may provide a higher degree of accuracy but see no reference to this procedure on line or in the comment section for this product or even if it is recommended to do so and if so, what type of oil to use. Any suggestions? The web page for Tecomec is in Italian so that's no help.

its Fall and time to put the mowers away. I used this to balance the blade on both my push mower and my ride on after I sharpened them. Easy to use, very sensitive. A great addition to my shop. I would recommend this to Anyone who sharpens mower blades. From a DIY to a Professional Shop, this is a great product

love it. I have been balancing mower blades, edger blades and I even balanced a fan blade from an outdoor wind-chime. The blade was terribly out of balance; requiring gale force winds to spin the fan. I balanced it to near perfection. Now the faintest breezes spins it round, it's so cute.

Extremely well made, has powerful magnets and is very sensitive for balancing blades far better than the cones you buy at the hardware store that have to be laid on a perfectly horizontal surface. I have no wall space left in my shop to install this balancer permanently so I built a stand to mount it on in which I pull out with the balancer attached whenever I need it. The only advice I have that isn't in the directions is to use a wide flat bladed screwdriver to pry the blade away from the magnets.

Armed with this and a good grinder there really isn't any excuse for having dull, out-of-balance blades anymore. And yes, the factory new ones, at least both sets of Kubotas that I've bought, were unbalanced out of the box.

Appears to be high quality construction, heavy, solid. Works fine. Very strong magnets for holding heavy blades. Simple and fast to use. I see no point in spending twice the amount for the "other" brand. Excellent value.

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