Briggs & Stratton 491588S Flat Air Filter Cartridge

Briggs & Stratton 491588S Flat Air Filter Cartridge
Individually packaged part
Use on 3.5-6.5 HP Quantum engines, 625-1575 series
Briggs & Stratton 491588S

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Comments / reviews:
I spotted a number of reviewers saying that the filter they got was an imitation filter, but ordered it anyway on 6/2/16. The filter that arrived came in actual Briggs & Stratton packaging and is stamped Made in USA. I guess some of the vendors fulfilling this order may be subbing in other filters, but the one I got appears to be genuine.
Edit: I installed this in my Craftsman mower and it fit perfectly. Also note, if you see a review complaining that it's not an original Briggs & Stratton filter, check the date on the review as most of the complaints about this seem to come from older reviews.

I like to replace the air filter on my lawn mower at least once a year. Living in central Texas where the climate tends to be dry & dusty, the filter gets really clogged every time I mow and I have to aways clean it before putting the mower up. After a summer of doing that the filter gets really worn out and needs to be replaced. Finding an exact match locally can be a problem as they always seem to be sold out - I think there are a ton of people who have mowers that use the same filter.

I'm happy I've found these for sale here on Amazon. I purchased one to see if it was the filter I needed, and now I can stock up on several of these.

This was an identical replacement for my Craftsman Lawnmower. The old filter was really clogged, and I try to replace the filter once a year. Since it was a weekend, and I didn’t want to run to the store, I decided to buy it online. It arrived very fast, and was packaged great, too.

You will need a dime or a flat-head screwdriver to remove the air filter cover. Pay attention to how the old filter is situated in the housing so you can replace it with the new one. It took less than 5 minutes to install.

A must have item when winterizing lawn mowers. I ordered all of my replacement parts from Amazon which fit and operated perfectly. I changed the spark plug, air and gas filter and oil. After draining all of the gasoline from the float bowl, I added Stable to the remaining gas until the engine stalled. In the spring, when I tool the lawn mower out of storage, I filled up the tank with fresh gasoline and it started immediately. My lawn mower is approx. eight years old and operates as if it was brand new.

Good quality filter and makes the mower run much better than that old funky filter you are still using ( Some of YOU might still be using ), It's not like I went snooping around and checked everyone's filter while they were asleep, MY Filter Was Dirty Dirty Dirty But it still ran decent but a new filter is cheaper on gas and more efficient as far as power goes.

Exact filter that I needed. It filters the air for a Briggs and Stratton engine. What more is there to say. I don't see it, tucked away in its holder, I don't feel the need to worry about it until it is time to change it. The old one held up great, so I suspect this one will too.

Buy it if you need it.

Good quality air filter. It was easy to install and replaced a very old, tired filter.

Brought the lawn mower back to life!

If your lawn mower is struggling to start, or smoking or having low power, chances are the filter is partly to blame. Well worth the expense of replacement. I was having all those problems, smoking, harder to start and low power. Changed the filter and spark plug and on the first pull it was started and roaring like a brand new machine!

Heck I didn't even know my machine had a filter. I have learned my lesson and will now regularly inspect and replace this and spark plugs at regular intervals.

Quite workable, but possibly a slightly lower quality than most. The webiste assured me this was the right model for my mower and it was. The price was really good and the convenience of online ordering could not be beat. I went to the "big box" home improvement stores to price a mulching blade for my mower. For what I would have paid for just the blade...I got the exact same blade, PLUS two of these air filters for my mower, for $3 less. The quality of this filter may be a bit lower than others, however we live in a dusty area and I change out a filter at least once a year. For the price difference, I can afford to change it more often

Was stuck and couldn't wait for a delivery. had to buy from local HD big box hardware store. Paid $8 for 1 filter.

- Application guide easy to understand
- air filter housing easy to open and remove the filter
- original filter lasted 8 seasons
- only simple hand tool required. Done in less than 5 mins.

Perfect replacement for my Toro Recycler 22" Mower (#20331) - Just loosen the air filter screw and plug-n-play! This was the second time I changed the filter since I got the mower in 2010, usually you can just shake it out and keep on truckin'. Will purchase again in a few years! :)

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