Oregon 30-031 Paper Air Filter Tecumseh Replacement Part 36905 2-3/4-inches by 1-3/4-inches by 2-7/8-inches

Oregon 30-031 Paper Air Filter Tecumseh Replacement Part 36905 2-3/4-inches by 1-3/4-inches by 2-7/8-inches

Product Description

This paper air filter fits 5.5 HP for Tecumseh and Craftsman.

From the Manufacturer

This Oregon foam air filter replaces Tecumseh part number 36905 and fits most 5.5 HP Tecumseh and Craftsman 65, RVS115, and 120. It measures 2-3/4-inches in length by 1-3/4-inches in width by 2-7/8-inches high.

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Comments / reviews:
Excellent product. Fast Delivery. Great Price. But. Although very close to fit my Ariens ST622 walk behind push week wacker with Tecumsah 6HP engine, I had to shave off part of the bottom black plastic for it to fit. A tad too long for my engine. Once bottom shaved fits and works perfectly. And while here I might as well throw a complaint about Ariens. Ariens does not list the ST622 on their web site. At first I had no idea what part number to look for to replace the air filter. I called Ariens customer support. Customer service could not find the part number either. I was given the run around. Told to telephone Tecumsah engines and try to find out the part number. In this day and age of computers Ariens should have every model they ever manufactured on a computer. Or on microfilm or even on paper. Ariens does make a good product. I just wish that Ariens would back this up with good customer service.

It's a paper air filter and fit my 6.5 HP Toro Tecumseh engine as a Type E replacement. Probably saved me a dollar or two over buying locally but mainly ordered because I was getting a bunch of other parts I needed. Came in nice cardboard box and appears high quality.

(Toro Model 20007 with Tecumseh Engine LV195EA-362003B)

Exact part I was expecting at a great price!

My reviews are my opinions of the product received and just my opinion. Everyone is different and could have a different opinion of a product. I do not receive any monetary payment for my reviews, and I always keep them honest. So no need to worry whether or not my review is genuine, because it is. Also if you found this review helpful marking it as so would be greatly appreciated thanks!

They are slightly longer than the original Tecumseh filter, which makes the housing a bit harder to close. I hope this isn't putting too much stress on the tabs which hold the cover in place. I may use a knife to shave the end ridges down a bit if it seems like a problem. I knocked it down a star because of this.

Overall they seem to be a quality filter and a good value considering you are getting 4 at a price which is not much more than it costs for 1 replacement filter at a home center.

Just got in tonight put on my lawn mower since we working great exact fit for what I needed thank you Amazon

My mower was dead and when I checked the air filter, it was all clogged up with dirt. When this arrived a couple of days later, I put it on my mower and it could breath again. I have since mowed my yard multiple times.

This filter was a great replacement to the original. It fit perfectly as advertised.

This filter shipped fast and was packaged well. It fit our lawn mower perfectly and we were very happy. It was the best deal going for the price and we had our lawn mower filter in less than 3 days from ordering. What else could you ask for.

Perfect fit on my Power Products engine on a Toro mower. Just usual maint. every other year.

Perfect OEM fit on my Craftsman 6.75 high when trimmer.

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Tecumseh 36905 Air Filter. Fits models: Tecumseh LEV100, LEV115, LEV120, LV195EA, OVRM65, OVRM105 and OVRM120, for Sears mowers with 5.5 HP engines.
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