Marathon 15x6.50-6" Flat Free Tire on Wheel, 3" Hub, 3/4" Bearings

Marathon 15x6.50-6 Flat Free Tire on Wheel, 3 Hub, 3/4 Bearings

Turf tread tire on a 3"-Inch centered rim with Precision 3/4"-Inch ball bearings. The perfect tire for your riding lawnmower.

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Comments / reviews:
Just received these today and couldn't be happier! Very high quality wheels, and Yes! They do have grease fittings installed. I would have given them 5 stars except for ONE issue. Take note: They only measure 13 and 7/8" on the outside diameter. MAYBE 14" if you stretch your imagination. They are NOT 15" diameter. Fortunately for my application, this is not a huge deal, but it might be for others purchasing these wheels. Make sure of this before you buy them.

I have a Cub Cadet XT1 Riding mower. Bought these to replace the front "stay-flats" due to goat heads. Got tired of pumping them up every time it was time to mow. The fit was tighter than I would have liked. They really should be 6.00 wide and not 6.50 wide. Maybe the wheel hub could be narrower with a different offset. They do work, but the fit is tight. I had to use a 3/4" collar as a spacer in order for the tires to not rub, and barely had enough room to install the cotter pin. Even so, one side rubs a little and the other side has about 1/8" gap. Pictures attached show some before, after, and the collar I used. Not sure of any other way to adjust this gap. My wife mowed with it and said all was good. Wife happy, then me happy.

Fit perfectly on my John Deere LA125. I was struggling with flat tires between seasons and expensive/difficult tube replacements each time... I'm finally flat-free and love it. They are a little larger than the original wheels but still work well, the bearing is better than the stock bushing that came with the tractor.

Work great on my Husqvarna PERFECTLY. In fact it took less than 10 minuets other than painting them. I put the zerk fittings on the inside. I spent a little time painting them to match my rear wheels which turned out great... But I “Pimped My Ride” so I ended up installing wheel covers. I can still grease the bearings without having to remove the wheel covers. Also, my painting isn’t moot because you can still see the inner wheels. The durometer of the solid rubber has a very similar bounce to the originals at the correct recommended PSI. I was worried they would be too hard or soft but they feel like new factory tires with perfectly even PSI (air pressure). The bearings made a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the Husqvarna steering which used to feel “loose”. These actually corrected some leveling problems with the deck. Of course I thought I’d have to adjust the deck but I guess I lucked up because it’s pretty much spot on with my mower. Bonus!

I have a fairly large lawn with many thorny trees and other pokey things in the ground. So keeping my lawn tractor's tires aired up has been a problem over the years. I have tried several solutions, but finally decided to look for airless tires. I put two of these on the front of my John Deere lawn tractor. Since then, I have mowed the lawn 3 times. They have worked great and posed no problems. I would say traction is a little lower, and the ride is a little bumpier, than with traditional aired tires. These are the expected tradeoff, though, and neither poses a problem for my mowing.

I'm unable to find tires like this for the rear on my lawn tractor, and for those I'm now using Berryman - Tire Seal-R Sealant with Pump, 1 gallon bottle (1301). That product has thus far worked for the rear tires. It's probably a good idea for the rears to remain air-filled as otherwise the ride might get too bumpy.

Great flat free tire, yes your going to pay significantly more than a tire only but nothing is more frustrating than a flat when you walk out to your shed to mow. Some say these have a green tint to them, mine does not but I have seen them with that green tint, I don't think the color will affect performance.

These come with the wheel and bearings. The bearings are no different in quality than what came stock on my mower, I have 180 hours on the original tires/bearings at that rate I would guess these will outlast my mower. These wheels are greaseable.

Durability has yet to bee seen since I have only had the tire a couple months.

Excellent solution to the constant flat tires on my Craftsman riding lawnmower.

Mesquite was constantly puncturing the front tires on my riding lawnmower. Slime worked great in the short term for flat tires but I use my mower to clear paths to a shed on my small farm outside austin. I bought 2 tires for the front and they went on super easy and work great

Tires are great, I had to modify my spindles on my mower because mine were 5/8" and these wheel bearings are 3/4". No biggie. These are wider than my factory tires were too, so during modification I had to space then out 1" also.
The only complaint is that the grease fittings are poorly installed and wouldn't take grease, even though they were clean. I just filled the inside of the wheels as best as I could before installing, and then greased everything else. Still worth the money to never have to mess with flat tires again!

Got these for my CC lawn mower to replace OEM tubeless pneumatic tires that were constantly leaking and going flat; I had to pump them up every time I mowed. You can drive a 4 inch nail into these tires with no effect, yet they ride as smooth as an conventional tubeless tire. I had to adjust the offset fit on the front axles with some brass and nylon washers, but that was because of CC's weird offset on the original wheels, not because of the tires. These tires were not cheap, but they perform perfectly, and I am confident they will outlast the mower.

Perfect fit on my JD L111. Believe they've already saved me a couple punctures. Ride may be slightly rougher with less give so that may have affected my tie rod ... or just coincidence it broke shortly after installing these tires. I'd buy some for my back tires too if they had the right size.

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