Maxpower 334133 3/4-Inch Cylinder Muffler

Maxpower 334133 3/4-Inch Cylinder Muffler
Replacement muffler for Briggs and Stratton #294599
For use on most 5 to 8 HP engines with 3/4-Inch threads in exhaust port or on muffler elbow
3/4-Inch pipe thread

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Comments / reviews:
Works good on my 212 predator. Just had to buy a mini header, thread in a 1/2 inch galvanized piped and throw a 1/2"-3/4" adapter coupling and thread it in. Sounds beast on my minibike. I figured the 3/4 muffler would have better flow than the half inch. The only problem is the silver paint is flaking off from the heat but it was cheap so who cares. Now I don't have to listen to the old lady complain about the noise. I wish there was a muffler for her...

It works fine as a muffler. Not super quiet but none of these small engines are. Knocked off one star because the silver paint burned off instantaneously. I thought it was galvanized when I looked at the photo. It is painted silver.

Exactly what I needed

works as advertised..


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Replacement muffler for Briggs and Stratton 89966 For use on most 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 HP engines with 1/2-Inch threads in exhaust port 1/2-Inch inside diameter pipe size 3/4-Inch outside diameter pipe size 2.7-Pound
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