Oregon 72-072 Wheel, 12 x 175

Oregon 72-072 Wheel, 12 x 175

This semi-pneumatic wheel is 12 x 175 and has a spoke hub with a ball bearing and diamond tread.

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Comments / reviews:
First off, my impressions of the wheel - it is very well built. It is much heavier than my old plastic wheel. I think a lot of that is due to the rubber tire.

The tire is molded rubber. There is no way to add air - its just stiff enough to hold the lawn mower. You can remove the tire from the wheel (more on that later) but its hard to get back on. Lay the tire out in the sun to warm it up and then you can pull it back onto the wheel.

The bearings look like they will hold up. They were a little hard to spin so I sprayed some silicone in them before installing the wheel. Use silicone since it dries and won't collect dirt like oils will.

Now on to my usage -
I tried buying this one to replace a broken wheel on my craftsman lawn mower. Both wheels are supposed to be 12" but this one is slightly bigger (I think because the old wheel was worn down to less than 12")

Due to measurement errors (I won't mention that I had to call my wife to check the hub size) I thought this would fit on my craftsman lawn mower.
(I know, its not designed to fit the craftsman)

I bought this one since it has 2 metal bearings (the craftsman version is just plastic) and its about 8 bucks cheaper than the craftsman wheel.

Turns out that the hub is too long so it wouldn't fit. But with some modification I made it fit. I popped out the bearings first. Then on the "open side" I cut the hub down to the spokes. On the "closed side" I cut off the 1/8" lip next to the bearing. The center hole is straight so it was easy enough to push the bearings back in.

Keep in mind, I did this on a lathe... which is why I had to remove the tire from the wheel. It was too big to fit on my lathe otherwise. But you could do it with other cutting tools if you are careful.

Time will tell how it holds up... but since I heavily modified the wheel I won't rate it bad if it fails.

This turned out to be a long review. I mainly wanted to say that its a nice wheel but it won't fit the Craftsman mowers.

These wheels will also replace the MTD 734-04093 on older MTD mowers. The OD at the outside of the tire is exactly 12 inches, same as original. The hub ID and length are also the same. It bolted right up, and at less than half the cost of the MTD original part. When the other original rear MTD wheels fails, I'll order another of these.


Purchased this replacement wheel for a Troy-Bilt mower. Perfect fit as far as axle size and hub width. This wheel has a metal sleeve/bearing rather than plastic one the OEM had, so should last much longer. Has slightly narrower tire than original, but caused no problems. Will be ordering another one as I noticed the remaining wheel is starting to wobble. (Might ad that I checked price on OEM from website and price was over $42 per wheel, and will still have plastic bearing rather than metal like this one does).

My mower's original rear wheels were plastic, with just a plastic sleeve over the axle. Naturally, they wore out, wobbled and finally broke. I stumbled on these Oregon replacement wheels, which are the same size as the "official" replacement wheel. The Oregons are made of heavy plastic, but the hubs have ball bearings to ride the axle. They seem more durable overall. And two Oregon wheels - with shipping - cost less than one official replacement wheel. A much better product at less than half the price? !

Ordered through Amazon, fulfilled by Morrison Outdoor Power Equipment LLC, six days from order to arrive.

Well made and fits like original. Ball bearing mounted for smooth turning. Recommend.

These wheels were bought for my Father's Yard Machine push mower. As advertised, they are a perfect replacement for the original wheels (MTD 734-04082) and, with shipping, almost half the price of other online suppliers like Sears.com. Original wheels had plastic hubs that where prone to cracking and left you with a wobbling wheel. These are much better designed. Very happy!

Better that the wheels I had on the mower new. These have ball bearings and roll easier....

Good replacement for my lawnmower, easy install!

This is a well built wheel. I have no doubt it would out last the mower itself. Unfortunately I misread the specifications. Watch the hub size, it is not a 1.75 inch hub.

Fits perfectly. I like the bearing in the hub. Very happy.

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