Murray 7701100MA Starter Solenoid for Lawn Mowers

Murray 7701100MA Starter Solenoid for Lawn Mowers

This is a Murray solenoid that replaces Murray parts 7701100, 424285, 7769224MA, and 94613MA.

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Comments / reviews:
I am replacing the solenoid on my old Murray 38515x92a riding mower. The manual lists the solenoid as Part Number 094613. After some searching I found that 7701100 replaces the 094613, so I ordered the 7701100. One thing to note before ordering, the 7701100/094613 has a blade connector for the green (orange?) start switch wire. I found similar Murray solenoids that have a stud/nut connector for the start switch wire. To avoid modifying the connector, check the old solenoid before ordering. You can see the blade connector in the images I uploaded.

The seller states that this is a Genuine Murray part and it is shipped in a Murray part box. I have uploaded an image of the box. The part appears to be an exact replacement for the old solenoid that was on the mower. I have uploaded a couple of side by side comparison photos that show the solenoids and the mounting brackets. The only issue I have is one of convenience and the reason I gave four stars instead of five. It would have been nice if the seller had included the two locking nuts for the starter wire posts. I had to make a trip to the local hardware just to pick up the two nuts. Oh, and as a sign of the times...the old solenoid was made in the USA...and the new one? Made in China.

We were recently gifted my parent's old riding lawnmower, a 2004 Murray with a Briggs and Stratton engine. The mower has always started up and ran perfectly with no issues....of course, until we got it home and it wouldn't start. After plenty of googling and youtubing, our non-handy selves tried to diagnose the issue. I finally bypassed the starter solenoid and it cranked right up. Bingo! Came to Amazon looking for the replacement solenoid (found an online manual for our mower on the manualslib website - very helpful!). Your mower's model number is probably located on a sticker behind the seat on top of the part that houses your battery. You can google by model number for the proper parts. The price was right and the prime shipping was necessary. Hubby installed this replacement solenoid installed easily and it was a perfect fit. Have had no trouble with the mower since. Very happy with this purchase!

I am rebuilding a Murray mower that was left out in the weather for 4 years and the solenoid was rusted and coming apart, thus unit and a new
ignition switch fixed most of my problems.

I ordered this part for my Murray Riding Mower (Model 46570x6C). As mentioned in other reviews, the part number listed in the "Repair Parts" section of the owner's book shows 094613 for the solenoid. This part was a perfect fit, and worked great. Just keep the 2 mounting bolts and 2 terminal nuts from your old solenoid. A couple of notes on the 7701100 box the new solenoid came in...

1. "Replaces 24285, 9924285, 21261, 24466, 54743, 91291, 94613, 1002004"
2. "For all Murray Electric Start Riders 1979 to present" (There was no date on the box, so not sure if "present" equals 2015)

Mower battery clicked but wouldn't start. Needed new starter solenoid. This worked great!

This was an exact replacement for Murray P/N 094613 specified for my 405000x8 tractor. I'm not sure why people dinged it for not including nuts; it's an exact replacement for the old solenoid and has the same thread pitch, so the old nuts are simply reused.
It doesn't include new mounting fasteners either, or new battery cables, how come the top reviewer didn't fuss about that too???

awesome cheap replacement part got my dads mower up and running again. It's simple to test if the solenoid is bad, just touch a screw driver between the two post and if your starter spins then its a good place to start.

exact replacement part, fit my Craftsman rider perfectly. As noted by other reviews it does not come with nuts for the top connections, you must retain your old nuts and re-use them. You also need to re-use the mounting screws. Other than that, it went in easy, works exactly as expected.

Installed it today and my mower started back up like a champ! I'll update this later if it has a short life, but 2 cuts in, it's still working.

Lawn tractor not turning over? This could be your simple fix. After watching a few Youtube videos on how to replace, I was up and running in no time. Saved me significant $$$ doing it myself vs. taking it in for repairs.

This unit fit perfectly. No need to drill new holes.

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