Multi Sharp MS1109E Sharpening Kit For Razorcut 38 Lawn Mower

Multi Sharp MS1109E Sharpening Kit For Razorcut 38 Lawn Mower

This sharpening kit installs easily on to the backside of the Brill Razorcut 38 reel mower. Included in the kit is a backstop piece that fits onto the mower, with two screws that clamp the piece into place. Also included are three self-adhesive sharpening pads that attach to the backstop piece. Once the sharpening pad and backstop have been attached to the mower, the blades will rub over the sharpening pad, sharpening them as the reel spins. Simply push the mower around for a few minutes to sharpen the blades and remove any rust spots.

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Comments / reviews:
I purchased after reading Rick's review, I put this in his comment section and also wanted to write a review to give this product 5 Stars,, worth every penny.

Rick Excellent review went ahead and purchased this based upon your review. I just used a small wire brush to clean the blades and the adjusting bar. BTW my Brill takes a 10mm nut for the adjustment...,, I used large ratchet and socket. Instructions said to tighten till hard to hand turn. When first pushing would nearly not go. After about 10 yards easier,, walked around the street and sidewalk hearing the grinding going on,, NOTE you can push it hard and let the reel spin also,, did this for a few minutes,, NOTE I went ahead and tightened the reel about 1/64 1/32 turn,, still fairly easy to turn but sanding was slightly louder again ran a little to grind it some more,,, After I loosened the nuts to take out the holder the paper looked exactly like you said.. Very excited and when I went and mowed later could really see the difference.. OUTSTANDING.. will probably grind the reel every couple of months My grass is 1 1/4 and I mow every 4/5 days PS I have a Gardena electric mower also,, going to see if it will work on it.. GREAT JOB.

Yes, this product works. I was about to buy a new Brill to replace my 8 year old one. Then I saw this new product. Then I read the 2 reviews before me. They were right, it works. Yahoo!!! I just saved a lot of money...until this point I had no idea how I was going to either sharpen the blades, or try to get someone to do it, or just dump the mower and say I got my money's worth out of the mower by now.

The directions that come with it are good. If you already know how to adjust your mower to make the blade cylinder get closer and further away from the cutter, then you're halfway there. This whole process will take about 30 mins. or so. Call it a mini-project, but it's definitely not rocket science.

First, clean your mower blades and the cutter it interacts with. I used an SOS pad and a hose, and then a rag to dry. Wear gloves. This was good to do anyways. Messy and took some time. Next, peel away the sandpaper backing and stick the sandpaper to the metal sharpener. That takes 5 seconds. Then turn the two bolts that loosen the tension on the mower - all the way - and then insert this sharpener until it pops into place. Then hand tighten the 2 plastic knobs on the sharpener (you have to first loosen them to get the sharpener onto the mower). Now tighten the mower until it the blades scrape up against the sandpaper enough to make a noise. Just try to rotate the blade cylinder with your hand to figure this out. You may have to go back and forth with the tightening process, I did. Then make your blade setting as high as it will go (like you are going to cut the tallest grass possible). Now walk or run up and down a sidewalk or other flat surface and listen to the mower sharpen itself. Do this for a minute or so. Then tighten the blades a tiny bit. Repeat process until the blades are sharp and shiny. I did this for a while, I think 6 times or so of tightening with 1-2 mins. of walking/running. You may get away with less, or need more. My blades felt pretty sharp at that point and I was excited to try it, so I stopped. The sandpaper amazingly was still scratchy, although there is a worn line, as there should be. Next, loosen up the blades again until you can unscrew the sharpener and remove it. Then tighten the blades until they just touch the strip you are supposed to use to calibrate the tightness of your blades. You are now ready to rock!

Result: My mower now cuts much cleaner and easier. It was hacking at the grass before and leaving uncut sections, it's working very good again. There should be a difference after 8 seasons of mowing with it and dulling it down that much!

I would like to be able to compare my blades now to a new mower and see if I got them as sharp as they are supposed to be. Regardless, this product is worth the price for sure and I don't have to dump my mower. For future sharpening sessions, I still have the one slightly/mostly(?) worn strip left and 2 new ones.

After having used my Brill mower for several years, it was DULL. The manual for the non-contact mowers says that when the blades get dull you have to replace the blades. In what way is that green? This was my last chance for the mower, and it worked. The blades are not perfectly straight - perhaps bent by twigs that jam the thing, but this got it sharp enough that it doesn't matter. The mower now works as good as it did when I first got it.

Easy to use although it didn't get the blades as sharp as I had hoped. We seem to have thick steel blades on our push mower, and the package insert of this product does warn that thick blades may take a lot of sharpening before the desired cutting effect can be achieved.

Look for online demo

The sharpening kit works fine. My Brill 38 mower is not quite as smooth/easy-to-use now as when it was new, but it comes reasonably close.

Fitting the attachment to do the sharpening is a bit of a fiddly task, but once it is in place the actual sharpening takes only about three minutes.

Definitely a worthwhile purchase. Keeps a great push mower working (and out of the waste stream) - hopefully for many more years.

Worked well, but I believe that the metal bar would stay attached better with metal screws rather than plastic. You cannot really torque up the holding screws for fear of stripping the plastic ones. However very easy to use and sharpened the blades well!

I let my reel push mower get far too dull. I've owned it nearly ten years, and never sharpened it. I thought it would be a haul to an "authorized sharpener" or something like that. So I just pushed harder, and put up with the fact that it didn't cut the grass neatly, but rather tore and "bruised" it.

But then I found this product! I had my doubts. But all doubts are now gone, gone gone! The mower is really sharp, and the whole process from open package to mow the lawn took only 20 minutes.

I didn't see any really explanatory reviews that said what it was or how it really works, so thought I'd put this up.

There are only really two parts here: A long blade-like "holder" that holds the second part, a sticky-strip of sandpaper (it comes with three of these strips). The sandpaper is about an inch wide, and as long as the holder (which is as wide as the blades on your mower).

Here's how it works: You use a wrench to move the blades away from the bottom plate, then clear any grass off the mower blades and the bottom plate. You peel and stick the sandpaper strip to the holder and press it firmly in place. Then you slide the holder onto the bottom plate of your mower and use the two built-in screws to tighten it in place. Then you use your wrench again to move the blades of the mower back until they contact the sandpaper (evenly across the length of the blade by tightening each side "just enough").

That done, you just push the mower up and down the sidewalk a few times (couple minutes ought to do it). The sandpaper grinds the blades to even them out, take out nicks, and, well, sharpen them. I stopped after a minute and tightened the blades up against the sandpaper a little more, mostly because I was removing 10 years of wear.

That done, you just reverse the process: wrench to loosen, remove holder, wrench back to reset blades to where they almost touch the bottom plate. Or if you have a mower like I do, you use the little "micro-gauge" to set the distance right.

If you're like me, you just have to go mow the lawn to see if this really did the trick. It did for me. Really sharp and once again fun to mow!

I expected the sandpaper to be trashed by the end of this, but it wasn't, leading me to believe that I can get at least 5 or 6 sharpenings out of the 3 strips included with the package.

What are the negatives you ask? The only reason I didn't give this a full five-star rating is that the two set screws you use to affix it to the bottom plate of the mower are made of plastic, and I am concerned that they will strip out after a few uses. They felt kind of "flimsy" I guess, not sturdy like the rest of the holder part. If there were strong metal screws, I would give this a rousing 5-star rating.

I have to admit to a fair bit of skepticism when the sharpening kit arrived but it really did the trick. It did indeed sharpen my lawn mower which by all accounts was pretty dull. I would definitely recommend this.

Item was as described. The instructions were easy to follow. It did a great job sharpening the lawn mower blades. It would be nice if they included a couple more sandpaper strips in the kit. Other than that I am very pleased with it.

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