Good Vibrations 110 Start Me Up Full Grip Lawn Mower Starter Handle (Colors May Vary)

Good Vibrations 110 Start Me Up Full Grip Lawn Mower Starter Handle (Colors May Vary)

The Start Me Up full-Grip starter handle is a large replacement handle forпїЅlawn mowers, snow throwers, generators, snowmobiles, boats, etc.пїЅ It has a special design thatпїЅallows you toпїЅreplace your old handle in seconds, and prevents the rope from slipping into пїЅthe engine.пїЅ It makes starting much easier!пїЅ It is made from a very durable soft-grip material and comes in Green, Red, or Gray.пїЅпїЅ Also included is a Dura Tuff Rope.пїЅ Patent Pending

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Comments / reviews:
I bought this to replace the t-handle on my 15-hp outboard. It works perfectly well, and on those days when the old beast is a little less-than-cooperative to start, I no longer rip my fingers apart.

Installation was super-simple: slowly pull the current handle out 8 inches or so and clamp the rope with a pair of vice-grips where it comes out of the housing, Cut the rope below the old handle. Get rid of the old finger-destroyer. Use a lighter to melt the end of the rope so it doesn't unravel (do this away from the gas can.) Tie a small knot in the end and slide the new handle on. Total time was less than five minutes.

Why don't all motors have a handle like this?

I bought this handle after the last one managed to slip out of the retaining ring and get chewed up under the mower, so I wasn't in the market to replace the handle until then. That said, I'm glad I did. This one is more than a replacement over the stock handle. It's a lot more comfortable and extremely handy when you need to pull a little harder when the mower is a little clogged-up after bogging down in thick or wet grass. This is an excellent replacement handle and I highly recommend!

I have really bad arthritis in my hands and was thinking I was going to have to ditch my gas tools until I got this thing. This handle is so comfortable in my hand that I can pull on this handle with no finger joint pain with even the hardest to start gas power tools. I just made a loop out of the rope and then loop it over the pull handle of the tool I want to start. Works like a charm!

These are nice, but they do not last forever. You will likely get several years from a handle, but over time, the center where the rope attaches will begin to wallow-out. You can make up for this with a metal washer, but just know that eventually this may happen. The handle itself it a nice side and very comfortable. I would still buy these as they are a lot nicer than what comes on your typical mower.

The only issue I had with the installation is that the handle really isn't designed to work on larger (10 hp or more) engines using a 1/4" cord. I'm sure the installation procedure in the installation instructions works just fine for the lighter cord used by smaller engines. Because of the larger cord being used, I had to cut the knot off my cord, partially melt the end of the cord to draw it out to a reduced diameter and then feed it into the handle opening from the "engine end" of the handle. Not really a big deal, just took a bit of time.
The engine being used is on a hydraulic wood splitter, and is directly coupled to the hydraulic pump. This means that when starting the engine I'm having to not only spin the engine but turn the shaft of the hydraulic pump as well. In colder weather (now about 10 above zero) the hydraulic oil is stiff and it's a real job to turn over the engine and pump. This handle allows me to get a good grip and not have the cord yanked from my fingers if the engine decides to fight back. I'm now able to start the engine much more readily than in the past with the small T handle.

I'd already replaced the starter handles on my chainsaws with D handles of another brand. This handle is so much more comfortable that I'll now be replacing those handles with this model handle, so will be ordering three or four more.

Update: 5/2016
Opinion of the handle dropped this afternoon when the handle came apart when trying to start the engine. Probably not designed for larger (10 hp) engines, imagine it would last longer when starting smaller (like 5 hp) engines. Going to look for a snowmobile starter handle as I've done for some other engines.

purchased this to use on a trolling motor works great, I didn't use the provided rope since it got bad reviews but the handle
is superb works as advertised

I don't typically write reviews within minutes of receiving a product, but I am so excited about this (and I don't think this is something that needs a long trial period).

First, some background: I am a small, young female homeowner, and last year as a housewarming gift, my father bought me a really nice Honda lawnmower. It's one of those "EasyStart" mowers. Well, apparently it's easy for *men* to start, but not so easy for me. I've always struggled with starting it. Several times I've called my dad thinking the mower is broken, but when he comes over he can start it right up. Last week I took it to a repair shop just to make sure there wasn't something wrong with it, but it was confirmed that it was working normally. They gave me some tips on getting it started, and I've been able to get it started, but it's not easy. The last time I mowed my lawn, I got it started after about 5-6 pulls, and I was thrilled. However, I ordered this handle in hopes it would make it easier for me.

I just got it today. I ran outside and tied it onto the mower (I didn't replace the cord, although that will come in handy later on). I pulled it once - didn't start. I pulled it a second time, and it started right up. I wasn't trying very hard, so two pulls was REALLY impressive for me. This type of handle gives a lot more leverage; now I know why my snowblower was so much easier for me to start than my lawnmower. As a bonus, it's also much more comfortable to hold, and it feels solid.

If you're like me and have trouble starting your mower, GET THIS.

I used this for my trolling motor handle since the one I had was very similar to this handle. It was much cheaper than buying the same handle with the cable again. WAY CHEAPER. But it is true... This handle is made of hard plastic. I wouldn't consider it brittle. Just go easy on the thing. It's not steel and for lifting up a trolling motor or for starting a lawn mower with it, it works good.

I used this to replace the handle on my pull down attic stairs. The one that came with it was tiny and broke easily. This was a piece of cake to install and it makes is a lot easier to pull the stairs down. The rubber on the grip is a nice touch.

I used this for our attic hatch door. Commonly the attic hatch door only provides a thin rope as the pull down mechanism. Every Time I went up into the attic the rope would cut into my hand. I bought this to place on the end of the rope and it worked like a charm. It is now very easy to use with this handle. The handle is well made and durable!

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