WORX 32-Volt GT2.0 String Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower with Tilting Head and Single Line Feed

WORX 32-Volt GT2.0 String Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower with Tilting Head and Single Line Feed

The cordless WORX 32-volt Lithium MAX Powered Grass Trimmer and Edger has taken grass trimming and edging to a whole new level of power and function. With the 32-volts of MAX lithium battery power, the WG175 provides longer run times and more power. The 12-inch cutting diameter means more trimming in less time. Not only will this cordless trimmer convert to an edger in seconds, but it is also a mini mower. It has dual-positioned in-line wheels that make edging a breeze. The wheels can also be used as a "mowing-like" function for detailed trimming around landscape or hard to reach areas. A quick-release trigger lever is convenient for making easy height adjustments to the telescopic shaft for comfort and control. The trimmer head turns with a pull and turn to lock and convert to edging. MAX lithium battery power means more battery capacity, longer runtimes, no self-discharge, no slow loss of power, less weight, more power and quicker charging times. With this 32-volt lithium battery, expect up to 35 minutes of runtime on low speed for normal grass conditions. Charge the battery within 3 hours and it will be ready when you need it with no self-discharge. From function to features, the 32-volt WORX trimmer and edger features 100% single line feed which means no bumping to extend the line. A flower space guard not only helps protect vegetation, but also acts as an edger guide. A front auxiliary handle has 7 locking adjustments for maximum comfort while trimming, edging, or mowing. Weighing in at only 6-pounds, this 32-volt grass trimmer, edger and mini mower will create a professional looking yard with less work, less fatigue and less time.

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Comments / reviews:
I've been a groundskeeper all my working life so always used pro quality weed eaters. Now I'm too old and not strong enough to deal with them so finally caved in and got this electric one. I have to admit....I'm very impressed. Will it mow down an acre of tumbleweeds or brush? Of course not. But it did a darn good job of cutting through thick, wet tall wild grass. Once the battery has been conditioned it really doesn't take that long to recharge...maybe a couple hours. And one battery lasts at least 1/2 hour of constant use. I highly recommend picking up an extra battery right away. Also....keep your batteries in the house. Freezing temps will ruin a lithium battery very quickly. Extreme heat will as well. You'll be left with a battery that is also no longer safe. If you have concerns about having a lithium battery this big in the house for under $10 you can get fireproof battery bags.

Photo #1 is before I started. #2 and #3 are what I got done on one battery charge. I did not have to stop to monkey with the string or anything else. About 45 minutes.

I finally gave up on gas powered edger/trimmers and began comparing electric edger/trimmers on the market. I looked at reviews for the WORX WG175 along with quite a few other "Big Brand Names". Based on the reviews and the price, I chose the WORX WG175. It arrived as scheduled and was easy to assemble. By the time I finished edging my yard for the first time, I was accustomed to the operation and balance... it is very light and I finally stopped trying to "muscle" it around. The second time I used it, I was very disappointed that I finished so quickly... this thing is such an improvement over my 2 old gas trimmers and is a pleasure to use. Battery life is also better than I anticipated. My front and back yards involve approx. 350 linear feet of edging and I was able to completely edge both three times before the battery needed charging. I also bought the extra line spools and have not used up the first one yet. HINT: The auto line-feed works OK each time the trimmer is started up from a complete stop.You can let out more line one step at a time if needed by pressing the square button on the spool housing. This is a very good edger/trimmer and a good bargain to boot.

I have to say that this is the best trimmer I have ever used! Easiest, quietest and very clever engineering details. I was worried that the wheels were just a gimmick but I was wrong. With the wheels attached and by using the metal guard extending off the front as a visual guide, I trimmed my drive, the sidewalks and the entire cul-de-sac in less than ten minutes.

You say such great praise why just 4 stars....

Pros: Light enough to not cause pain in my forearm. The adjustable head works great to clear under benches and tables so I don't have to move either. Battery life is good 40-45 minutes average.

Cons: The trimming line included and some WORX brand I bought as spares sticks to itself, won't auto feed, breaks easily, spooled so it is twisted under another row so one can't easily pull the line much less button feed it. I had to re-spool with what I normally use, B&D line and then the trimmer worked fine - I almost sent everything back over the line issue until I pulled some line off a B&D spool to try it - the same size as WORX line. The slower than slow charger included is really sad and I can't find a fast charger for these 32V batteries or it would have been here day 2 after using this trimmer. Infuriating when you run out of power using two lithium batteries and the charger can't keep up. I have fast chargers for all my lithium powered lawn equipment, including my mower and I didn't have to buy them separately for most of the tools.

I'm pretty sure the Worx will make the job easier for you.

I am very skeptical. So sick of weedeaters where the string always gets lost or they won't start etc. I am 69 yr. old lady and need to do all this stuff myself and I need great tools. To pay someone is too expensive and no one wants to work in Calif!!
It took me about 30 min to unpack and get put together and get plugged in over night to use next day.
Next day I pushed button, it started EZ-ly, it went thru my lower weeds and then - the real test - the 2'ft tall ones in back of house.
WOW is all I can say. I did around my whole house - 6" up to these 2-ft tall ones in back in about 30 mins.
This tool is so light almost like a small shovel or something. No tired aching arm next day.
Man!! I love it when stuff works!

Love this trimmer. Easy to start and easy to use. Our other trimmer was a gas trimmer and it was SO heavy. This one we can use a couple times around our fairly large yard before needing charging. The only extra cost is having to purchase the spools of plastic cordage. I find them fairly easy to put in as well.

I have looked at all the major hardware and home improvement stores and found only middle-of-the-road equipment that was expensive or very hard to handle. After reading many reviews we purchased the Workx 32V lawn and edge trimmer. It works like a gem. We had not trimmed our lawn edges in over 10 years and this trimmer cut a beautiful edge in minutes. The worst aspect of most "brand name" models is that they are designed for people less that 5'6"! I am 6'4" and this model has a great telescoping arm and is so easy to use. The battery is bit heavy but it actually makes a great counter-balance to the motor on the other end so the balance of the trimmer is great. The extra handle has about 10 different positions. The line feeds out .25" each time you start the trimmer. so if the line breaks when you hit a hard tree, wall, or cement you may need to start and stop it a few times to feed line (or you can look underneath the protective plate and the there is a line feed button. Once you register the product you can get free string line for life (plus shipping) or you can buy a spool of line and refill the 3 spools that come with the unit.

Love this tool.
I had many others before this battery operated gadget. Don't let the battery operated fool you, its a real strong trimmer and it does the job well.
No more messing around with the string, feeds itself withthe spools that come with it and you can buy more at a great price here on Amazon.
I will never own another gas trimmer again.
Spent lots of money on gas ones even got my last one as a four cycle so that I didn't have to deal with mixing the gas, a Ryobi which only lasted for about a good season. Like all others it simply doesn't last. Oh last thing, if you want control and great cuts/ straight edging, this is an awesome tool. Very light and easy to control it.
I highly recommend it.

Why I purchased: This appeared to be an all-in-one solution to my edging and trimming needs. I have owned Ryobi, Weed Eater, Green Works in the recent past. As for the edger part, seems like all edgers have the same basic problem - their blades are too expensive, and they wear very quickly. String trimmers have the same issues - spools cost a lot (slightly less if you buy string and reload spools yourself).

Out of the box: This thing is very lightweight. There are a couple manuals, a registration card and two extra spools (Worx pre-installs one on the machine). The charger is provided, along with one rechargeable battery.

Some (minor) assembly required: I had to install the guard. One thing to keep in mind here. It's all about the little screw. Upon unboxing, you'll notice a black phillips screw sticking out of the guard. Remove it with a screwdriver and attach the guard in the only logical place. The screw goes back through and attaches back where it came from (not hard). Then attach the plastic wheels, and that's it! Well, almost. There is still the first battery charge. That took about 4-5 hours. There is a green light on top of the battery that blinks green until full charge. Then the light stays on, and you're ready to roll.

First use: It took a couple tries to get the string to cut as an edger the right way. Just practice. You will adjust quickly. Listen for the sound of the spool. If it gets quiet or higher pitched, you'll have to stop the machine and pull out more string (push the button next to the string, and pull out more string). If the string has disappeared, open the plastic cap and re-route the string through the hole. The cool thing is that it's just one string in one hole. The conversion to a weed trimmer is very easy. Get used to your lock/unlock knob. That is the key to switching between cutting modes. You can also use as a mini mower, but that isn't anything I need. I have two 22" Toro personal pace push mowers to do that. BTW, look into this mower! It has the same 160 cc Honda engine that the very expensive Honda Harmony has, and it starts and mows like a champ for much less money. OK, back to the Worx string trimmer/edger/mini mower. In two words: "It Worx!" Very crafty engineering in this $125 machine. Pick one up. No electrical cords to get in the way. No gas or oil. Just pure cutting satisfaction. It's a great tool at a great price. Happy cutting!

I walk with a cane so needed something that I could use one handed. I was going to order a set of wheels to clamp to my trimmer. When that trimmer broke (from me dropping it) I took a chance and ordered this one instead. Very happy with product. I move it like a vacuum and it does great. I am not picky but I don't want three foot tall weeds everywhere. I have only used it twice so far but am happy with it . I also like the ability to adjust not only the height but the angle. I am only five feet one inch so that is a real life saver too. Being lightweight is a major plus. Will you be able to use it like a mower to get a uniform perfect lawn? No of coarse not. Will it cut grass and trim weeds to an acceptable level and nice looking? Yes absolutely. If you are reasonable in your expectations you will be very happy.

We’ve now had out Worx trimmer for about 3 months and we couldn’t be happier - our gas trimmers will be winterized and only used as emergency back-ups.
Not only is the Worx 10 times quieter and 3 times lighter, the battery lasts every bit as long as a tank of 50:1 gas did in our old trimmers - we get the entire yard trimmed of after 3 mowings!
The adjustable length handle, folding hand grip, and moveable wheels make this trimmer SO EASY to use its amazing!
The only down side is length of time the spool lasts - I really wish they made the spools with twice the capacity so you wouldn’t have to change them so often - the battery charge lasted longer than a spool!
The battery charged completely in a matter of hours and lasts through at least 3 complete yard trims. And I was totally amazed how well it cut through 2’ high foxtail and hemlock plants - it cut through it with no problem, a 15’ x 25’ area!!!
Just wish it was made in USA!

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