Marathon 13x5.00-6" Pneumatic (Air Filled) Tire on Wheel, 3" Hub, 3/4" Bearings

Marathon 13x5.00-6 Pneumatic (Air Filled) Tire on Wheel, 3 Hub, 3/4 Bearings

13x5.00-6-Inch Air-Filled (Pneumatic) Lawnmower Tire. Comes standard with a 3"-Inch centered hub and 3/4"-Inch Precision Ball Bearings. Turf Tread.

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Comments / reviews:
I ordered this tire as a replacement for my outdoor Precision cart. Used the exact measurements listed on tire but it didn't fit the axle no matter what we tried. The good news? Amazon always good for a return and fast refund when it doesn't work out. If I can just figure this axle thing out I will re-order. I would rather order from Amazon than go shopping.

This most likely will fill your expectations as it is very well made and stout. I bought one to see how well it fit my garden wagon, and no problems, so I ordered one more and plan to get the next 2 on payday. My axle diameter is 5/8" (a little under) so I ordered a bushing, Amazon white nylon 101 round tube 3/4"od x 5/8" id x 12"l item #BSNY-5231-12-01. The axle bronze bushing ID 0 .7515 so a little coaching may be needed. The 12" nylon tube is long enough to do 4 tires.

Be aware that the various companies that make these tires do not conform to any standard sizing. This tire is over 2" larger in diameter than the "same size" tire that was on the cart. When the second tire failed, I went to a local tire dealer to get a replacement and that tire is larger than the one that came on the cart but smaller than the one from Amazon.

Fortunately a small difference in height doesn't really much matter on a garden cart and the Marathon tire from Amazon seems to be the sturdiest of the bunch. While the original tires only lasted a couple years, the side wall split, I expect to get many years out of these.

Note that the maximum tire inflation is also the recommended inflation. Don't over inflate but keep them within a couple pounds of the maximum to get the most life from them. This is NOT like car/truck tires which are usually run at much lower pressures than the maximum.

Got this for replacements on a wagon we have, they are the right size according to the wheels on the wagon and the website we purchase it from, but they require extra washers so they don't slide all over the place on the rod.

These were a perfect replacement on my Troy Bilt. I got the mover second hand and one of the front tires was pretty much bald, the other still had tread but was getting worn. These new tires have made a world of difference in the turning ability of the mower. I would recommend!

I only needed a new tire but for the price was well worth not having to fight mounting. Came with 3/4 sealed roller bearings, an upgrade from the brass bushings on my old wheel. Tire tread was not as tall or thick as a premium tire alone, but it's the front tire so doesn't really matter. Con, now I need to buy a matching one for the other side, pro, ready to go, even aired up already.

For those who have the LA105 John Deere that came with a free dump trailer - this rim will not fit - it fits the axle circumference, but it's to thick - axle is not long enough and you can't use the pin to hold the wheel on. I gave it 5 stars because the tire is good quality as is the tube (It's not the sellers fault it doesn't fit) - which I removed from this rim and put them both on a rim that does fit.. of course I punctured the tube during the process but green slime saved the day.

Great tire, cheaper to buy the whole thing than trying to replace the tube. it's been a few months and it's actually performing better than the originals. It's slightly higher than the original so on turns it scrapes a bit with my mowers fender, but not so often that it's forced me to shave the fender but I could if I needed to. Great Tire all around and definitely better than fussing with the tube any day of the week, those who have tried know what I mean. it's just not worth the effort.

This wheel is a little less tall and a little less wide at the hub than came on the dump trailer I pull with my riding lawn mower -- but they work great anyway. I originally wanted a solid filled tire, but for the price this looked like a good option. The height was no problem and I just used a few large washers to adjust for the width. Getting the exact replacement wheel was going to cost a lot more money. About 15 minutes changing out the wheels and the trailer was back at work. Very happy with the purchase.

I admit it, I ordered the wrong size shaft and I will either have to return this tire or use it on another project. Even so, I found the tire to be well made and rubber tread rather heavy duty. Can't knock the product because of my error.

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