Marathon 4.80/4.00-8" Pneumatic (Air Filled) Tire on Wheel, 3" Hub, 3/4" Bearings, Ribbed Tread

Marathon 4.80/4.00-8 Pneumatic (Air Filled) Tire on Wheel, 3 Hub, 3/4 Bearings, Ribbed Tread

Marathon Industries 20063 4.80/4.00-8-Inch Pneumatic (Air Filled) Whee-poundarrow Tire with Ribbed Tread - 3-Inch-Inch Centered Hub - 3/4-Inch- Bearings - 15.5-Inch Tire Diameter

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Comments / reviews:
Quality product for the money, even though they are a tube type tire. One suggestion during installation. I recommend to pack the hub with axle grease before putting it back on the spindle. I greased it through the zirc fitting thoroughly, then decided to check in inside of the hub again. After taking it apart, the hub was not full of grease as I anticipated. Pack that hub for better service.

I had a blowout on my lawn cart and dreaded having to deal with a replacement since small tires are a pain in the butt.
(Scroll to the bottom for simple directions to finding the item you need.)

I did a quick search on Amazon and found these complete with wheels, tubes, and tires. Installation literally took 2 minutes. Wheels were even complete with grease fittings. Wheels fit perfectly and I didn't have to struggle removing the old tires and tubes using pry bars or screwdrivers.

Most small tires and tubes have been made overseas for years and these are no different, but you will not find competitive products in this range.

Simply look on the side of the tire for sizing information from your existing tire. Next measure the axle diameter (or the size of the hole in the wheel hub). Finally measure the length of the hub. You can insert a pen, rod, etc and then remove it and measure if the hub is less wide than the wheel. It can also be useful to measure the overall diameter of the tire. If its not inflated, you can estimate this.

You should now be able to search and find the correct tire assembly you need.

I have a 25 year old garden cart that has been sitting in the shed for years. The tires had dry rot so they wouldn't keep air. When I recently picked up a new zero turn mower for mowing my 1 acre of land, I decided to add a hitch to my mower and put the cart to use. I couldn't find new tires locally that were this size, so I looked on amazon. I was actually looking for just the tires and not the wheel itself, but it turned out that the tires already mounted on the wheel were less expensive than just buying the tire - so I went with these. The wheel has a 3/4-inch shaft which is what I needed for my cart. Most of the tires of this size out there have a 5/8" shaft, so you have to watch what you are ordering.

These tires turned out to be an exact replacement for my old ones - down to the color and look of the wheel base. They fit over the axle on my wagon and were a perfect fit. So, now I have my cart back and can haul things around my acreage.

I ordered 2 of these marathon Industries wheels and tires for our lawn utility cart. I guess this size is a very popular one for lawn carts and wheelbarrows. This was the perfect size, straight shaft and 3/4 inch wheel bearing size. We have a Craftsman lawn cart and these 16 inch wheels and tire combo worked great! So happy that I am able to buy things like this online instead of having to run all over town looking for what I need. Great quality tires and wheels.

Used 2 of these to replace a lawn/garden tractor's dump cart's wheels. Perfect fit for old wheelhorse 5.5 cubic ft. dump cart with a 3/4 inch axle. I had to get an additional 1.5" spacer for each side/rim due to the original dump cart's 1.5" offset on the inside hub (since this is a centered 3 inch hub and the original rim was an offset 4.5 inch hub), but otherwise all is well. The original rim and tire width and height were both about 1/2 inch bigger than this replacement wheel, but no complaints here. My original rims are rusted, the tires were weather rotted and one of the tubes were busted and I did not feel like repainted and re-tubing and re-tiring them due to my time constraints so (I kept them for a potential later paint project or possible original restore project and) I bought this ready to go combo instead. Due to it's newness, i can't comment on its durability. But I assume marathon wouldn't brand a junk tire/rim set. We will see.

If your tires are cracked or yourself a favor and replace the TIRE AND THE RIM as a complete assembly!
It makes economical and practical sense !
- Check the tire size on the SIDE of your present tires.....does it say 4.8/4.0-8 ? (Pretty standard!)
- Push a pencil through the HUB and measure the length....does it say 3 inches?
- Measure the AXLE....does it have a DIAMETER of 3/4 inches?
- Straighten the cotter pin, remove it, save it.
- Clean the axle and pre-grease it. (I used Wal-Mart's Marine Trailer Grease)
- Install assembly.
- LEAVE BLACK PLASTIC SLEEVES at the end of the hubs in place! They are bearing protectors.
- Re-install cotter pins.
- Grease the hub through the grease fitting .
You're done!

I replaced my tires because my old air filled tires rotted out. I assume these will do the same. If I had read the info on page 2 of Marathon's tire catalog, I would have paid the extra for the flat free tires. They have greater UV resistance. Here is a link to Marathon's tire catalog: [...]

Purchased these for garden trailer. Existing Wheels were 13 inches and these are 15. My concern at first was they would be too tall? As it turns out, after measuring and ordering, they are way nicer to have on this trailer than the 13 inch wheels. The trailer moves better and seems to take a better payload now.

These were a perfect fit for my 20 year old tractor cart that required two replacements. The 3/4" ID of the steel wheel slipped right onto the axle of the same size. I particularly liked the Zerk fitting (grease nipple) that allows me to lubricate the bearing area. The price of two wheels with tires was better than the cost of a new cart. The tire size was identical to what I was replacing (4.80/4.00-8 inch). I took a star off for the lack of "caps" on the valve stems---reused my old ones----should have been there. These are made in China...and preference therefor would have been not to buy them....but I could not find an alternative USA made product. I do admit they seem to be acceptable and suspect they will do as well as the originals....just prefer American made products.

I used this on my contractor wheelbarrow from Costco when the original tire split open and the tube failed. I was having trouble finding the size I needed - a 4" hub and a 1" axle, 15.5" tire diameter on a 8" wheel. I called Marathon and they will ship out conversion packets. I bought this wheel and they sent me plastic 1/2" spacers and 1" rings to replace the bearings at no charge. They arrived via first class mail in 3 days.

If you aren't sure what you need, take your old wheel off the wheelbarrow and measure the left-to-right length of the hub (the total length side to side of the metal center piece that the axle goes through). Then measure the diameter of the axle, which should match the hole in the bearings. For the tire, look on the tire and match that (4.00/4.80-8 for this one) or measure the total diameter of the rubber tire (15.5" for this one) and match that with the product details.

This wheel takes a 3/4" axle and has a 3" hub. Standard sizes for axles are 5/8", 3/4" and 1". Hubs are usually 3", 4" or 6". If you can't find an exact fit, try to match the axle (bearing) size first, then the hub size. Bearings are harder to replace than adding plastic spacers to match the hub. If you can't find an exact fit, call Marathon for adapters. The bearings are harder to replace - you need to hammer the old ones out using a screwdriver (or piece of strong wood) through the center hole from the other size, then press or hammer in the new ones.

My 1" rings from Marathon were NOT bearings - just metal pieces that were VERY hard to hammer in. But I finally got them. Then I added a plastic ring on the axle on each side of the wheel, and it fit perfectly. I had to remove the grease fitting to get them in, but added plenty of grease inside the wheel hub before putting it on the wheelbarrow.

Do NOT get a wheel with too large a hub - you can only add length with adapters, not take it away!

The tire says 4.00/4.80-8, 4-ply nylon and 30 psi max, but no load bearing. It looks just like this tire: Marathon Industries 20801 8-Inch 4-Ply Rubber Replacement Tube and Tire which is only 350 lbs rated, which is the only replacement tire I could find from Marathon so I suspect it's the same tire. Anyway, it seems sturdy enough, just not quite as heavy duty as the original tire which was 400 lbs rated.

Also consider adding Slime Tubeless Tire Sealant in your tube if you use your wheelbarrow in challenging conditions. We have cacti so for us this is a necessity.

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