Schylling Tin Hot Air Balloon Mobile Toy

Schylling Tin Hot Air Balloon Mobile Toy

Beautiful mobile made of hot air balloons. Composed of 10 unique hot air balloons designed to relax, soothe and calm its admirers. Each made of tin. Very old fashioned looking. Part of the Schylling Collector Series. For adult collectors only. For decoration only. This is not a toy. 10 beautifully decorated tin hot air balloons are featured in this amazing mobile. Each hot air balloon measures about 2" in diameter. Just hang it anywhere that you need a lift. Designed to relax and soothe its admirers, this unique mobile is composed of three tiers of miniature hot-air balloons. Each cheerful tin balloon is patterned in different colors. Ages 14 to adult. Hot Air Balloon Mobile is designed to relax and soothe Includes 10 uniquely painted hot air balloons Each made of tin Hangers included Part of the Schylling Collector Series 13.5 x 2 x 2 inches ; 12 ounces - 12 ounces.

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Comments / reviews:
I bought this mobile for our nursery. It is a retro themed nursery for our youngest son and I could not be happier with how well these little tin hot air balloons add their charm to the room! As for the color of the balloons, I would say that the color surrounding them would be a big factor in whether or not they look more pastel or primary in color. We have very bright yellow wall as well as a dark grey walls and the room is all primary colors, so the bright primary colors really pop on the balloons. They do have pastel colors on the balloons as well, but in our circumstance they do not stand out against the bright colors of the room surrounding them. The second picture I posted shows the balloons against some pastel colors and primary colors so you can see how surrounding colors can "change" the look of the balloons. This mobile is a big hit with my 4yr old and 2yr old as well. They love watching the balloons float "up in the air!". I had no problems unpacking the balloons and there was no tangling of the strings. I would definitely recommend this product and hope you have as good of an experience as we have had with it. - Maggie D.

Cute! Perfect! Bright colors. Exactly as pictured. Love it! I moved to upstate New York from Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we had hot air balloons pass over the house almost daily. These don't quite make up for that, but they are a lovely reminder. I am very happy with this purchase.

This mobile is perfect in our nursery. It was easy to put up, and our twin babies love watching the gentle movement of the balloons.

I love this mobile. I agree that the color saturation isn't as deep/intense as shown in the ad, but its still quite lovely, and whimsical.
The balloons spin gracefully without entangling or jamming (something that has often been an issue with lesser mobiles). I'm talking standard house currents, not hurricane force gales. Pretty sure if you got a storm coming through you'd find a tangled mobile. Solution then is location, location, ....

Word of advice to new mobile buyers: Take the mobile out of its box very carefully. That's true of any multi element mobile you'll ever buy.
The first "out of box and into to free spin" transition on any mobile needs to be handled delicately. Its a one time "extra gentle care" situation that will keep a great mobile looking as it should. Just FYI for those new to mobile ownership.

I'm very happy with this purchase. This item from Schylling is a work of art!

Precious! Like a lot of other comments said, some of the colors seem more pastel than bright but if I really minded a lot I would just use some model car enamel to brighten it up. I bought this to use as a baby mobile and it is perfect in our nursery. It does come down wayyyy lower than I expected it to, so I can't hang it from any of those crib-mounted hooks, but I think it's worth the extra hole in the wall to hang it up higher out of baby's reach. I also want to give kudos to the packaging - they have the little balloons all tucked into this cardboard cut out with the strings carefully positioned so you can pull it out of the package by the hanger and not have any tangles to fight with.

So in love with this beautiful mobile. My husband and I love hot air balloons and anything travel related. We wanted this for our new baby. The colors are great and worked for our gender neutral nursery. They are light and able to move very easily and are perfectly balanced. Turns out we had a baby girl! And the colors still work great with little pops of pinks and purples in the nursery now. I think I enjoy watching them so far more than our newborn :) hung them from the dealing in front of a sky background I painted.

It is beautiful. We painted a sky on our blemished ceiling and added a tin plane. It is a whimsical way to relive our childhood in our home office.

This mobile is perfect for my baby nursery that is in a vintage travel type theme. The tin and the colors of the tin give the vintage toy vibe. The balloons are on the small side, but I knew that upon purchasing. As far as others complaining about the 2D look of the baskets- it doesn't bother me that much.. to me it's still cute. I agree with a few of the other reviews about the balloon colors in that if a room is more bright/girly they would give off more of a pastel type look. In a room with primary colors, it would be more muted and pull out more of primary colors from the balloons. Reasonably priced for what you get.

I originally had it hanging above the crib, but received a different mobile with music box as a gift. Currently I have it hanging above the changing pad. Excuse the mess in the pics as I was in process of decorating the nursery ;)

We added a small chain to hang it from to make it longer.

These are so, so cute. They are not overwhelming they give the most beautiful touch to my children's bedroom. My only complaint is the packaging. Be extremely careful when taking them out it can get tangled. I was frustrated for a good 15 min just trying to untangle them. It is worth it in the end. I just don't know if it's how I removed them or if it was packaged that way. Though, once they're up they'll be fine. They've been banged against a few times and they pop back to their respect lines, have not had a problem since.

I was looking for some kind of mobile to hang inspirational/motivational words/phrases off of, When I found this on Amazon, I liked the general design, but also liked it because it wasn't too babyish. I was able to add my inspirational phrases to it without distracting from it's visual appeal or with its mobile functionality. I am very, very happy with it.

The balloons are colorful and large enough to see from a distance. They move with the slightest breeze and are fun to watch. It's a very unique item and makes me smile. :)

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