Comments about Car Travel Pillow Head Chin and Neck Support Pillow Rest, Mudder Memory Foam Neck Pillow for Car Comfort Claw-style with Machine Washable Cover (Gray)

Car Travel Pillow Head Chin and Neck Support Pillow Rest, Mudder Memory Foam Neck Pillow for Car Comfort Claw-style with Machine Washable Cover (Gray)
Better alternative: compared with traditional U-shaped pillows which hold your head in an uncomfortable position, this pillow is a better alternative; It is made of structured good quality memory foam; The ergonomic design provides a comfortable support for your chin, neck, back of head and side of head, so you don't awake up for a sore neck
Suitable range: this pillow with a stretch strap actually helps you get comfortable sleep on cramped planes, trains, buses or cars; And it is effective when apply in the window seat and in the middle or aisle seats; It is great for relaxing at office, home, whether lie on the couch or bed; It is more comfortable and relaxed than regular car neck pillow when driving
Easy to carry: this pillow can also be squeezed down to be more compact than most U-shaped pillows, it has a storage bag, can be attached to hand luggages or traveling bags
Washable cover: the pillow cover can be washed by machines and hands, dehydration machines and dryers are all allowed, convenient and easy to keep the pillow clean
Main aim: the claw-style multi-function travel pillow was granted an international patent on the pillow, and it is dedicated to make it easy for you to enjoy your life

Comments about Car Travel Pillow Head Chin and Neck Support Pillow Rest, Mudder Memory Foam Neck Pillow for Car Comfort Claw-style with Machine Washable Cover (Gray)
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Comments :
My husband is scared to fly. Terrified. So anywhere we go we drive. We just took a 1100 miles road trip. I knew I would need something comfy so I could sleep in the car. I ordered this pillow. When I ordered it I was hoping it would help my neck not to get stiff. The pillow is great
It is super soft. And I love how portable it is. I over pack so the fact that it folds up into a bag really saved space. Really great purchase for anyone taking a road trip.

...just the best!
this car travel pillow is the most supportive and comfortable vehicle head, neck, and chin support that i have ever experienced! it is a brilliant design tha cradles your head, neck, and chin, providing, both, great fore-aft as well as side-side support, when turning vehicle or quick lane changing!
i have als and have lost the muscles in my neck... therefore, i require a head/chin support brace at all times... but, the neck brace i use is a bit restrictive and uncomfortable while driving in the car passenger seat... we have tried several "car pillow supports" here on Amazon, but all have been lacking in some way, until now!... finally, riding in the vehicle in comfort and with support needed is a reality! this is an outstanding item!
furthermore, it is a rigid, yet very comfy memory foam and has an exceptionally soft, well crafted, and very well sewn cover...
also, it has a loop on the back sewn as attached to the cover, in order to attach it to the vehicle head rest, if desired... though, we just stow it in the glove box.
| note | you should expect it to harden in a cold vehicle (<~40F), just like all memory foams in the cold, yet, it quickly warms up and softens, from your body heat, after just a few minutes of use...
lastly, very well done and Thank you to the designers and manufacturers.

a real game changer!... exceptionally pleased and Thank you! :-)

My wife suffered a concussion recently from a fall. As a result she was suffering headaches, dizziness, and nausea, especially when riding in the car. The Mudder Car Travel Pillow helps greatly in keeping her head steady while in the car, making it much easier to travel. This is a great product!

It's like a memory foam pillow, it's nice and sturdy should last, don't think I will ever fit it back into the bag again. Haven't used it for travel yet. Only time will tell.

very comfortable, as described, keeps head up

This made napping in the car so much easier. Am thrilled my husband found this for our recent road trip.

Using this for my Mother's wheelchair. Helps hold her head upright, gives her neck support. Feels very comfortable.

These additions are the ONLY reason I can comfortably drive my 2017 Ford Explorer. Really, without them, I had trouble concentrating since I have lower cervical issues. These can be flipped either way and reduce the neck strain of the moronic (yet insurance safety commission?) anterior tilting headrests now installed factory in Explorers. I'm a chiropractor, in case it matters to you, and I don't sell any products, in case that matters, as well:-) These headrests are worth the money for anyone under 5'7" who doesn't like to lean forward and look up to drive.

This arrived just in time for a long road trip starting this weekend. 17 hours of drive time that we are planning to do in one go means we will be trading off between driver and sleeper for the overnight portion. In the past, sleeping in the car has been painful and caused stiffness in the neck and back. This travel pillow is just what we needed to alleviate those issues.

I love that this is made from memory foam instead of being inflatable like so many others. For us there was no going back after switching our mattress and pillows to memory foam. I found it pretty easy to stuff back into the included storage bag, and it doesn't take up much space.

I found it too large for my head and neck. Provided no support for me at all. However, my husband recently had surgery and is sleeping in a recliner for several months, HE LOVES THIS PILLOW. After two weeks he says it provides the perfect support and comfort he needs. His head is larger guy size that usually maxes out the adjustments of baseball hats.

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