Comments about Queen Anne Contessa Latex Memory Foam Pillow - Ultra Plush Adjustable Bead Fill - Naturally Hypoallergenic & Allergy Free - Organic Cotton - Made in USA (Standard)

Queen Anne Contessa Latex Memory Foam Pillow - Ultra Plush Adjustable Bead Fill - Naturally Hypoallergenic & Allergy Free - Organic Cotton - Made in USA (Standard)
50% Organic Cotton 50% Polyester Cover
MOLDS INSTANTLY - This pillow will contour perfectly to your body. It’s made with thousands of latex foam clusters that provide a soft, smooth and supported sleep surface all night long. Feel as your face, neck, and shoulders are instantly wrapped in comfort as soon as you get into bed.
CUSTOMIZABLE: You control the firmness and loft so your pillow can be the optimal combination of comfort and support for you. Easily open it up with the hidden zipper and remove however much foam you prefer until it’s personalized to match your exact comfort preferences. The perfect pillow for side, stomach and back sleepers.
STAY COOL: Stay cool all night with our low-friction memory foam filling that spreads evenly underneath your weight, allowing for a better airflow and a cooler sleep. Traditional foam pillows that are one solid piece restrict air and heat up while you sleep, leading to shorter, restless nights.
MADE IN AMERICA: Your comfort is our priority. We are a family business that only uses the finest quality materials so you wake up refreshed. We started this company to relieve our own chronic back pain and now it’s our mission to help you find a pillow that changes your life.
PRODUCT DETAILS: 100% Latex Foam pillow is highly antimicrobial and hypoallergenic so you can sleep allergy free. Each size comes with one fill, you adjust at home to create your perfect pillow. 100% organic cotton shell provides premium softness. For help choosing a Queen Anne pillow, see the Pillow Finder in the images section.

Comments about Queen Anne Contessa Latex Memory Foam Pillow - Ultra Plush Adjustable Bead Fill - Naturally Hypoallergenic & Allergy Free - Organic Cotton - Made in USA (Standard)
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Comments :
If I could give a higher rating I would. These are the best quality pillows I've ever had. And I am so relieved that they are free of toxic fumes and chemicals! The foam is comfortable, and firm, although there is still some squish. But what is great, is that I know that no matter how long or use it it's never going to become matted down from wear. Excellent product.

I had shredded latex foam pillow from around the age of 12 well into my 30s that my grandmother made using sturdy cotton fabric filled with shredded foam. When that pillow finally hit end of life many years ago, I proceeded to try pillow after pillow - down, solid latex, memory foam - but none of them was ever as good as that early one.

Then I purchased this pillow...and it's the closest one I've ever found. The great thing is that it's foam but not memory foam, which means you do NOT end up with a "warm bag of squishy cement." You can rearrange the content for comfort - and even remove some of the foam, which I did - and there's actually a "cool side of the pillow" when you flip it over...something sadly missing with every memory foam pillow I've ever had.

The only thing I would change is the cover, which I think is a bit too thick and heavy. I just transferred the foam into a different case to see if it moves the pillow from great to fantastic. I'm willing to give up some of the smoothing provided by the original cover and deal with feeling the natural bumpiness of the foam for a more flexible pillow experience.

Sadly, even though I've only had the pillow less than a week, when I returned today to purchase a second one the website lists it as " Currently Unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock."

If figures. Every time I find something I like it seems to be discontinued before I can turn around.

I love this pillow. It's so comfortable to sleep on. There is no smell, you can take some of the fill out to adjust it to your comfort level, but I like it as it.
It doesn't make you warm and I get a goods nights sleep. I liked it so well Bought another. It's also hypoallergenic-allergy free. Great for people like me with allergies. I wanted a pillow that looked like a pillow I was used to sleeping on. I'm glad I made this purchase!

Since these pillows has less bad reviews about smell- webought these for our kids instead of the bamboo pillows they asked for. As soon as they were delivered we ordered 2 more! They only took one day to outgas and all I can say is - I wish we bought these a long time ago! Best night of slept ever!

The Struggle for a great pillow is real. This is my third latex pillow purchase and I love the fact that I can adjust it. I've been slowly removing latex stuffing - currently, removed about 2 full gallon bags. Pillow is working great! No odor.

I have looked for the right pillow for years. I thought I would take a chance on this one. This one is extremely comfortable and holds it's shape. I love it and will purchasing more.

I love this pillow. It’s very comfortable and my neck pain seems to have subsided.

This is without a doubt the most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on. I have tried My Pillow and many others but this pillow by Queen Anne is far better. No more sore or stiff necks the next day. It holds its shape for the entire night.

I received my pillow a few days ago and definitely am enjoying it. The outside cover is soft and I didn't feel warm when I slept on it. I also like how the pillow can be opened and the fill can be taken out to customize it. For me, I found it more comfortable to remove some of the fill which I've stored into a ziplock if I want to add some back. It's great how it seems to mold into place. I think it's a great pillow and would recommend it to my friends.

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