Comments about Standard Size Kingnex Latex Foam Pillow Hypoallergenic Shredded Cooling Bed Pillow with Removable Rayon Cover

Standard Size Kingnex Latex Foam Pillow Hypoallergenic Shredded Cooling Bed Pillow with Removable Rayon Cover

The Benefits of Latex
Latex is resilient and consistent, offering head and neck support that conforms to relieve pressure points. It could rebound to original shape immediately. Side, back and stomach sleepers can find comfort, support and pressure relief from this shredded latex pillow.

Breathable Comfort
Responsive latex is shredded for increased airflow and breathable. The tencel jersey pillow cover can offer temperature control

Comments about Standard Size Kingnex Latex Foam Pillow Hypoallergenic Shredded Cooling Bed Pillow with Removable Rayon Cover
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Comments :
I am a latex fan but have not been happy with the "slab" latex pillows I have tried. I need the ability to mold the pillow to my head and neck a little more than you are able with the slabs. Additionally, they are not in generally lofty enough for me. I need to sleep with my head elevated quite a bit. This does the trick. It was very full with very high loft. It can be molded to your head and neck perfectly. You have the ability to remove some latex if it is too firm for you, or add latex if not firm enough. Mine came with two extra packets of latex for additions, though I did not find I needed them.
Previous to this the pillow I liked the most was a foam and down filled combination pillow. It was good but flattened out quite a bit, (as down will do). This is perfect.

I suffer from horrendous tension in my shoulders and neck. This pillow helps relieve that tension so that I can function normally without pain during the day. The best thing about this pillow is that I can adjust the firmness of the pillow by removing or adding more stuffing (which they send you extra of). I would have to say that this was a great buy.

Excellent for those who are used to sleeping on a latex pillow. When it arrived I thought it was too poofy, but I removed some of the shredded latex foam fibers into a Ziplock bag and it was just the right height for me! I have NO complaints. It came with two extra bags of shrink sealed foam, in case you want to add to the pillow. I have set those aside in case I want to add to the pillow later! Great pillow for the price and worth what you pay for it!

Great quality pillow! Love the fact that I can adjust the latex insert to the preferred firmness.

Best pillow ever! I have used this type pillow since it was invented. It now seems to be getting scarce due to all the hype about 'memory foam' which is heavy and uncomfortable - do not be fooled. Get a Latex Foam Pillow.

After ages i recently resumed my gym membership. In the brisk of things i sprained my neck and the hard pipllow aggravted it. Bought this out of compulsion and am i happy !!! Super soft and odorless. Woww

Love it! Very comfortable. Really appreciate I can add or remove shredded latex stuffing to customize fullness of pillow. And the latex is from natural sources - not petroleum based. Very happy with this purchase.

It's very comfortable, as you'd expect from latex. If you have broad shoulders, this pillow keeps your head and neck horizontal to your spine. It's also firm, so you don't sink at night. A+

These pillows are good. Love the fact that they have zippers so that they can be adjusted to comfort. I took out quite a lot of the foam and have enough for two more pillows. I can't say enough about how comfortable they are, THANK YOU! Highly recommend this seller and the product, you will not be disappointed. Price is great too.

Seemed a little over filled at first. Have to squish down before sleep.

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