Comments about Lux Living Lavender Bliss Pillow

Lux Living Lavender Bliss Pillow

The Lux Living Lavender Bliss pillow features premium memory foam blended with natural lavender oil; this combination creates a supportive, plush feeling pillow with the natural benefits of Lavender oil. Lavender has been used for centuries as a sleep aid and has been shown to promote relaxation and sleep quality. This pillow also features ventilated channel technology to ensure maximum breathability, and is molded not to ensure consistency and durability. You can sleep easy knowing that this pillow comes with a 5 year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for years to come.

Comments about Lux Living Lavender Bliss Pillow
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Bought this as a present for my sister and she loves it! She was having problems sleeping with neck pain and said this pillow was a huge help.

Replacement, sort of a diff in my last 1 but its comfy. Didnt smell like my other 1 taking it out of the box.

I've had this pillow for about a month. It's been wonderful. I was afraid the fragrance might be too strong since I'm very sensitive to smells, but the fragrance really wasn't overpowering. It's nearly gone, which I don't mind since I am so sensitive to smells. But my neck and back problems have vanished after using this pillow. I'm so glad I bought it. It's worth every penny.

Love the pillow once the Lavender smell died down a little.

Bought it for the "Little Woman"....she loves it!!!!

Best pillow ever!!! Scent does fade away after 6 months but had to buy a second one for the fiance who always tried to steal mine! Still continue to use after the scent faded and just put essential oils on it.

I've been in two rear end collisions, both times I was stopped at a red light. After the I second one the whip lash was so bad that my neck is still a little stiff after 3 years. This pillow is amazing, it
doesn't matter what position I'm sleeping in; my head and neck are supported comfortably. I was never one of those people who traveled with my pillow but I am now. The lavender was really nice at first but the scent does fade, I can occasionally smell it when I'm turning over. I plan to add additional the scent again. Definitely worth the money.

Little wary of paying 100$ for a pillow, but I love foam and this is wonderful!!, I have asthma and worried about the scent but let it air out for a week or so with the cover off and it helped alot as it is extremely subtle now, I like that it is a tad longer than a regular pillow as I sleep on my side and push the pillow so it ends up behind my neck by my shoulders and this works great, it is taking the place of two old foam pillows I have had for years and had to use two, I would not hesitate to buy another one!!!

I think this is an excellent supportive pillow, for side sleepers, and although a little pricey---- it seems well constructed, thoughtfully made, and I'm pleased with it. I love lavender, and was informed in mattress store:"Scent will fade,in 6 months,to a year, but use Lavender Essence" etc.
Well, scent is barely detectable after a month--- but I'm still reveling in the quality of the pillow, itself. Really? I didn't expect any scent to last for 6 months! Quite satisfied, and I expect this pillow will meet standards for a long while. I would rec to friends, and others.However, It's best to GO to a mattress specialty store,and try out mattress and pillows.

Wonderful pillow. It's a little firm, at first but I don't have neck pain anymore.

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