Comments about Travel Pillow Neck Pillow Travel size U Memory Foam For Traveling By Airplane Car With Comfortable Velvet Cover(Ocean Blue)

Travel Pillow Neck Pillow Travel size U Memory Foam For Traveling By Airplane Car With Comfortable Velvet Cover(Ocean Blue)

Travel Pillow Neck Pillow Travel Memory Foam U Neck Pillow Travel Size For Traveling By Airplane Car With Comfortable Velvet Cover
Why you choose JOSEYA travel pillow:
гЂђTop Comfortable For Neck and FaceгЂ‘: the two humps on the back end of neck travel pillow actually fix and support your neck and the thickened front end perfectly support your face.
гЂђEasy To Pack And CarryгЂ‘: this U neck pillow can be compressed to a small size which is really easy to carry and store in your backpack or trunk.
гЂђNeither Too Hard Nor Too SoftгЂ‘: this U travel pillow can protect your neck from pain though you are in 20 hours'trip
гЂђSleep SoundlyгЂ‘: whether your head leans left, right, or tends to fall forward. the best reasonable design of this memory foam neck pillow can make you sleep soundly like at home.
гЂђTop Quality Memory FoamгЂ‘: the memory foam of this travel pillow is not caused compression deformation and suit for different sizes of adults and kids.
Material: top quality memory foam with comfortable velvet
Product Size: 10.6x 10.2x5.1inches
Package Size:6.7 x 5.9 x 3.9inches
1.Don't keep the memory foam in water for a long time.
2.Don't keep the memory foam under the hot sun for a long time.

Comments about Travel Pillow Neck Pillow Travel size U Memory Foam For Traveling By Airplane Car With Comfortable Velvet Cover(Ocean Blue)
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Comments :
I've been off and on looking for the perfect travel pillow for years now and when I received a coupon for this one I thought "worth a try!" It's perfect!!! The quality of the memory foam is top notch. It has the perfect squish, is firm enough to actually support your head but squishy enough to not cause pressure points. The fabric cover is luxuriously soft. And the shape is very well thought out. It's not too thick to fit behind your neck and the bumps are perfectly placed to support your head if you lean back or support your cheeks if you lay your head to the side. The clip in the front holds it closed so it stays right where you want it. really love it, thank you!

This is my sister selected travel pillow.she went to travel with it five days ago.when she came back told me that the travel pillow around the neck is very me must give the product five stars high praise.

Ordered this traveling pillow for our long overseas plane ride to Germany. It worked okay. It occasionally felt like it was pushing my head to far forward to get comfortable. I reclined the seat, which helped to get the pillow in a better position. It was hard overall, pillow or not, to get into any comfortable position to sleep on a plane. But when I was able to rest my eyes, it helped offer support.

I use to hate travel pillows, but that was because I had one with those styrofoam beads. This one is memory foam and provides sturdy support. I'm 6'5" and I can never get a nap in on planes. That changed when I got this one. Highly recommended!

This U neck pillow has been a neck-saver on quite a few flights from one coast of the US to the other. I have always had a hard time sleeping, or even resting, on flights, until I started bringing this along. It is nice and firm, but being memory foam it also form-fits to you when you start using it. I wouldn't fly without it now.

Bought this memory foam travel pillow for a long flight to New Zealand from San Francisco. Amazing! Slept comfortably for 7 hours! Love that it packs up and that you can wash the covers. I will definitely be tossing my inflatable neck pillow that I used to use. high recommend!

Worth the purchase! And the fact it has a carrying case that can help protect and compress it for trips makes this one a game changer for it's cost. Would recommend to all.

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Polyester Velvet Imported Main Use: Side Sleep, Travel Use (airplane, car, bus, etc) - Place on shoulder and lean against any side support | Optional Use: Back Rest, Head Prop (couch, bed, etc) Ergonomically-correct contoured shape for comfort and support of neck and head High quality, comfortable
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гЂђOur ProductsгЂ‘
Material: Flocking PVC
Packing : 1 peice travelling pillow
Ocassion:home,office,travel,car ,ect.

Sleeping well is a matter of good position
• Cozy Surface and Natural Sleeping Position
• Skin Friendly
• Allows Easy
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