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Your cretaceous canine, this dog costume is sure to turn heads anywhere you go. The Triceratops costume includes dinosaur horned headpiece.
Dim the lights and project fun animal images on the wall or ceiling! Torch style projector allows 3' images to be projected on any surface walls or ceiling - Three slides contain 24 images. Just click the lever to instantly change the image. Includes ring to keep the slides together in storage.
Learning about the world's habitats is fun and engaging with this brand new interactive electronic toy. Realistic animal and habitat images offer children a glimpse into coral reefs, deserts, polar regions, rain forests, etc. and give them an understanding of how various animals are adapted to
Big Foot with mechanical action, Bobcat, ATV vehicle, Etc.
Animal Planet brings the animal kingdom to life everyday !
Take your favorite dinosaur out of extinction and into your home with the Animal Planet Radio Control Ravenous T-Rex. The realistic details and genuine roars will take you back to when dinosaurs ruled the earth! Made from durable plastic, this terrible lizard is perfect for imaginary play and walks
Looking for the hoards of gold and jewels in the dragon's lair? Be prepared to face the wrath of the remote control Dragons! This legendary beast walks across the floor with its eyes lit up and giving a fearsome roar! Realistic walking motion with natural head and neck movements also bring this
This Animal Planet Light and Sound Dinosaur - Styracosaurus comes with light, sound, and mechanical action!
Watch out, it's a Giant Radio Control Tarantula coming your way! You can control the spider's movements and head straight toward your friends and family. Use the radio controller and watch the 8"L x 9"W tarantula scurry forward, back, and in circles. The furry texture and crawling movement make it