Comments about Inflatable Pillow Graduated High , Wedge , Vinyl - Color White , Amazing for Head , Legs , Back

Inflatable Pillow Graduated High , Wedge , Vinyl - Color White , Amazing for Head , Legs , Back
Versatile design is ideal for head, leg or foot elevation
Helps provide blood ciruclation
Convenient and easy to use at home or portable for traveling.
The Inflatable Wedge when blown up measures approximately : 26"W x 24"L - slopes from 8 1/2"H to 4" (please note product insert states 27" x 27" but wedge actually inflates to approx 26" x 24")

Comments about Inflatable Pillow Graduated High , Wedge , Vinyl - Color White , Amazing for Head , Legs , Back
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Comments :
Good size and width - a feature hard to find on inflatable wedge pillows. Very hard to inflate by mouth - takes forever. However, with a cardboard hand inflation pump it took about 10 minutes with several people sharing the work of inflation. Stayed up well once we got it there, deflated easily for the home return (used for travel). Came with simple light blue cover which was OK but nothing special. Would recommend for travel, would use a more substantial wedge for daily home use.

It worked great for what I needed it for (acid reflux). I used the inflatable as the base pillow, then I put other regular pillows on top of it to give me more height. The pillows stayed where they were supposed to the entire night. Worked better the my foam wedge I have, and travels very easily. Make sure you get the pillow case and pump that you can order with the pillow, makes inflating it a lot easier. I had it inflated for 2 weeks on vacation, and it never lost any air the entire time. I would only use this with regular pillows on top of it.

After inflating it and airing it out for several days it did not have an odor when we went on our trip. I love that I could adjust the height of the pillow and the firmness. The description did not say it came with a pillow case so I was so happy when there was one in the package to fit.

These helped significantly with our acid reflux and my snoring. We use them when we are traveling. The work best under the mattress. It is also better not to fully inflate.

This was hard to blow up but it held the air quite smelled like vinyl very strong for 2 nights so blow it up before you need it..cover is very flimsy but served it's purpose after my abdominal surgery very well

Bought for a trip my wife and I was taking as a temporary replacement for her foam wedge pillow. Was a suitable replacement, and was pretty easy to inflate and deflate manually, without a pump. Was glad to have it with us on our trip.

It's still holding air a month later. Seems to do the job. A bit tricky to inflate because of a stiff valve. My air bed pump didn't come with a small enough nozzle to fit far enough into the valve so that it depresses the anti-deflate flap. As a result it takes maybe 10 minutes to inflate this with the small electric air pump. I guess thats not the pillows fault but the inflation valve could have been a bit larger. The wedge shape works for me - I use it under other pillows at motels. It travels nicely since it deflates to a very compact size.

I needed to add a small rolled up towel at the low end - there is too sudden a drop under your shoulders at the narrowest part of the pillow. But otherwise, it has been a good travel substitute for the wedge pillows that I usually use.

Nice pillow great for my wife when we go on over night trips she has night time allergies and this helps and alleviates most of the snoring. Thee included pillow case is a tad tight to put on but not really problem. I would recommend this to friends.

Very big. A lot to ppump up. a t! good for travel if you are not changing hotels on a tour. Inflating and deflating takes time and effort. Was great for elevating my legs. Will buy a smaller one if traveling.

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Material:PVC Color :Red Feature:Inflatable size:length x width x height 26.77 x 17.71 x (5.51-8.26)inch Weight :1 lb Packing size:length x width x height 8.46 x 6.88 x 2.75 inch
Product Size: Approx. 14.5 x 4.3 inches. New and old packaging random shipment COMFORTABLE DESIGE: It great on car, chairs, sofas, beds or on display on a shelf. The soft surface and contoured lines in the pillow go a long way toward providing a good night's sleep or a good rest. LONG-LASTING: Our
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material: Green PVC flocking

product category: inflatable pillows

weight: 12.3 ounces

- package size: 3.7 x 3.7 x 6.7 inches

- inflatable size: 11 * 12 x 19.6 inches

weight: 11.6 ounces


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