Comments about Memory Foam Car Neck Pillow Soft Leather Headrest for Driving Home Office Black (1PC)

Memory Foam Car Neck Pillow Soft Leather Headrest for Driving Home Office Black (1PC)

Neck Protective- Aukee car pillow are applied human cervical arc design, fill the huge gap between your neck with the car seat, effectively supporting your neck and head, maintain your normal morphology of the cervical vertebra, effectively absorb the pressure of human cervical spine, alleviate drivers long-distance fatigue, improve the driving safety.

Blood Circulation Improvement- The car neck pillow effectively supports your head and neck, eliminates the pressure point, promotes your blood circulation to avoid numbness, reduces soreness, which provides you a comfortable driving experience.

Premium Leather Cover and Therapy Level Memory Cotton- There are hundreds of breathable holes made by laser on the surface of the car headrest pillow to help exhaust the smell, to let out the gas from inside and to dissipate the heat after long time using, which provides you a lasting comfort. Memory cotton is high density, high-end and physical therapy. It is thermo-sensitive, and it can slowly rebound to regains its shape.

Eco-friendliness- Space memory cotton is environmental protection non-toxic product, antimicrobial and odorless. The leather cover can be wiped clean, and it can also be removed for washing, there is an invisible zipper one the back of head rest pillow.

Multipurpose & Durable headrest pillows- Aukee neck pillow is good for use in driving, at home, in the office or traveling. Excellent for sleeping on aeroplane, car, bus, train, sunbathing, backpacking, camping, airport terminals, watching TV, reading, studying, and napping.

Item name : Car headrest
Compatibility: Suitable for all cars
Item Dimension: 25*18*11cm/9.8*7*4.3 inch

Package include:
1pc headrest pillow

Comments about Memory Foam Car Neck Pillow Soft Leather Headrest for Driving Home Office Black (1PC)
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Comments :
Love these things. Swapped out my headrestnfot ones with DVD players and it changed the depth of my f150 headrests quite a bit. So I bought these and they are not only big enough to fill the gap but they are also very comfortable. Memory foam is very soft.

Purchased for my car. It is exactly as described, arrived quickly, and is super comfortable! It arrived the day before I went on a road trip, and it was excellent! I am about to adjust the support where I need it most during the drive. It really does make a difference. Thank you!

Very comfortable, good quality leather with breathable perforations and memory foam. Dose not feel like a balloon. May not be for everyone, but if you need a nice neck support for your car it's well worth the price to give it a try.

These are decent for $20 a piece for leather faced head/neck support. Straps have buckles, but cannot be adjusted.

Good quality stuff. Matches with my car seats too. It's little too firm at the beginning but it starts breaking in within a week or two and becomes very comfortable.

Bought these for my Truck, now I can rest my neck on long trips. These are quality leather and are well made.

I mainly use it for protection and comfort of my lower back when I drive, it's perfectly help and feel very comfortable. The quality was excellent.

 This headrest pillow match my car leather well,they are soft and look quality. My neck and head are comfortably supported. The leather cover can be removed for cleaning. Well made. Recommend !

I buy for a gift but it look good

They fit very well in the Odyssey 2015. Purchased this twice. Got two for the front seats and then ordered two for the middle seats. My teen kids love having this pillow on their headrest. I believe it is a necessity for the front seats to prevent my head from being tilted forward by the Honda headrest. Color is not an exact match to the tan interior of the Honda tan, but it blends in nicely. And it is a must to fill the gap that the Honda headrest has.

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