Comments about DMI Egg-Crate Foam Neck Support Pillow with Cover, Firm Foam Support and Comfort, 22.5 x 16 Inches, White

DMI Egg-Crate Foam Neck Support Pillow with Cover, Firm Foam Support and Comfort, 22.5 x 16 Inches, White

A Unique Pillow Designed for a Great Night's Sleep
The DMI Neck Support Pillow, made from convoluted (egg-crate) foam, provides comforting firm foam support for your head, neck and shoulders, helping you sleep more soundly through the night. It is specially designed to help reduce the pain that comes from sleeping on pillows without proper neck support. The supportive foam reduces pressure point discomfort and increases air flow to give you a cooler night’s rest. It helps promote the proper alignment of the spine. Great for back or side sleepers. This attractive pillow also comes with a removable, machine washable, polyester/cotton cover. Wake up refreshed!


  • Get a cooler, more supportive night's rest using this firm orthopedic pillow from DMI.
  • This specially designed pillow provides maximum support to your head, neck and shoulders, which can help reduce the pain that comes from sleeping on too-soft pillows without adequate neck support.
  • Unique convoluted (egg-crate) foam reduces pressure point discomfort and increases air flow, providing a cooler night's rest.
  • The pillow's orthopedic shape helps promote the proper alignment of the spine. Excellent for back or side sleepers!
  • Pillow comes with a removable, machine washable polyester/cotton cover. Size: 22 ½ x 16 inches.

Comments about DMI Egg-Crate Foam Neck Support Pillow with Cover, Firm Foam Support and Comfort, 22.5 x 16 Inches, White
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Comments :
I read a lot of reviews for a lot of cervical pillows before settling on this one. All the bad reviews on all the other pillows said they were too soft and offered no support. The bad reviews for this one all say it's too hard, so I had high hopes!! If you have no neck problems then maybe it's not for you. But if you're like me and spend the day trying to keep you body properly aligned only to find that at night everything is getting thrown out of whack anyway, this may be the pillow for you. No, it doesn't squish down much at all. It retains its shape and offers firm support that helps keep your neck up where it belongs. I have serious muscle problems and the tightness in my muscles often pulls (or pushes) my bones and joints out of place. I have found that during the day I can work on keeping proper posture but at night I need help, lots of help. I have used supportive cervical pillows in the past but have spent years unable to find any that don't squish away to nothing. I was very happy that this one stayed strong for me and supported me when I need it most. I had gotten to the point where I dreaded going to bed but since I got my new pillow I look forward to it! Highly recommend to people looking for support.

This pillow has got to be the most comfortable pillow I've owned. I have ordered several after losing the only pillow that really worked for me. Memory foam is the most comfortable against the head, but loses support when it warms up to body temperature - defeating the original purpose of buying an orthotic pillow. This one gives both the support and the softness needed to get a really good rest because it has a firmer foam core that holds its shape and a soft egg-crate exterior that is kind on the face and ears.

However, the first night I used it I noticed there was more smell to it than is usual right from the package. I waited a week and then slept with it. Since it was warm I guess I was sweating a little, and woke up smelling something burning. There wasn't anything burning - it was the pillow - I think that the glue used to attach the egg-crate to the interior foam is a heavy duty type. They may feel this is necessary because the glue must be both flexible and durable if someone is sleeping on it, but it's smelly.

It's been three months and the smell has gradually dissipated, and I now like the pillow very much. If you want a really great pillow and don't mind the wait, I would recommend this over the others. In the last two years I've bought almost every version, and this is the most comfortable.

Finding one of these egg crate pillows is almost impossible anymore. But thanks to Amazon it's still possible to find one. YES, this pillow is hard as a rock when you first get it. But anyone who has ever bought one of these foam pillows has to know that you have to break it in, which will take a couple of weeks. But once broke in, it's a good pillow for the money.

Excellent pillow for neck support. Nice and firm. Much firmer and more supportive than standard or memory foam pillows. Most of them seem to squish too flat when I lay on them.
It is 4" thick on the big side and 3.5 " thick on the small side

I've had extensive spinal surgery and when I wake up my neck & back always hurt. I received my pillow from Amazon two days ago. After using this pillow for 2 nights I am able to get up in the morning without pain. I am also getting more sleep. If you have a neck and back made of titanium this is the pillow for you. If you always have a stiff neck this pillow is for you.

Fulfills needs perfectly! Nothing is better than this product at the moment. Highly recommended to anyone its low price as well!

Excellent product .very firm and comfortable good quality . Very happy with it

I love these pillows. Bought two to start and then bought two more. I like them because they are soft enough to be comfortable, yet hard enough that you still feel the texture or contour points of the pillows when you are laying on top of them. That is the "point" right?? Just right.

if you like a firm pillow and I do but it is firm

product received as described.. .. shipment received as expected.. good company to work with, I recommend this company. , ..

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