Comments about Back Cushion Gel Memory Foam Cushion for Back Pain Relief Home Use Lumbar Pillow Back Support Mesh Pad for Office Clerk, Driver, Game Player

Back Cushion Gel Memory Foam Cushion for Back Pain Relief Home Use Lumbar Pillow Back Support Mesh Pad for Office Clerk, Driver, Game Player

Washable outer cover
100% premium memory foam
Memory foam with cool off gel layer on top
Ensures healthy and cooling back support
Adjustable strap keeps the back support cushion in place
Ideal for office gifts, business gift, back surgery recovery gift etc
Great gift idea for people sitting for long time such as office clerk, truck/taxi driver, game player etc.

Can Help Relieve Pain From:
Lower back pain
Sitting long hours
Posture correction
Lumbosacral Spondylosis
Pregnancy and many other conditions

Product Dimensions:15x13x5 inches
Product Weight:2.05 LB

If you have any quality problems with the gel memory foam seat cushion, please feel free to contact with us, we always do the best to serve customers and hope every customer can get what they want with happy shopping experience.

Comments about Back Cushion Gel Memory Foam Cushion for Back Pain Relief Home Use Lumbar Pillow Back Support Mesh Pad for Office Clerk, Driver, Game Player
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Comments :
Cushion helps with back pain just as described. This one is gel-infused, so it is a litte more dense and heavier to similar products that are memory-foam based, but provides so much better cushioning-- very important if you are bigger person like myself. (over 310lbs.)

I always sit in the office.This helps me because my tail bone hurts and the Cushion is fit for my back.It also makes me comfortable for 8 hours.The inside is good because it the gel foam. Like it.

Memory Foam Seat Cushion design u-shaped cut-out hampers the tailbone from getting in contact with the seat surface which alleviates soreness due to long hours of sitting. Perfect for your office desk chair, car, at home or at work, and couch. comfortable and relax.

I personally love this cushion. I sometimes like to sit on the carpet, but it the surfaces is hard and uncomfortable. So I bought this and put it on the ground. Now I'm happy to sit there to relax or read or whatever.

I bought this seat cushion for my husband, he is a truck driver, his car seat collapsed, so he put this cushion on his car seat, he said he feel comfortable, and can reduce lower back discomfort.

I seat on the floor to play my computer.. after awhile, my back hurt.. I decided to give this seat cushion a try.. this gel memory foam seat feels comfortable...reduced my back pain.. luv it

So far I like it.This cushion does exactly what it says it will. I was concerned looking at how slender it is, but right now, I'm sitting on it at my computer, and my butt, thighs, and back are saying thank you.

This cushion is really amazing! Very soft! It feels good! Sitting on the cushion when feeling waist is not so tired! It's recommended to use when you're driving.

What a great cushion So helpful for seating in those office chairs that have such little support! Also great to use at home after hip surgery when you need a firmer sofa seat!

This cushion is too good too comfortable and good quality

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