Comments about Travel Pillow - Memory Foam Neck Pillow - Airplane Pillow for Car, Bus, Train Travel, Rest - 2 FREE Gifts - Carry Travel Pillowcase - Protective Navy Blue Velour Cover

Travel Pillow - Memory Foam Neck Pillow - Airplane Pillow for Car, Bus, Train Travel, Rest - 2 FREE Gifts - Carry Travel Pillowcase - Protective Navy Blue Velour Cover

Do you need neck support during your entire flight or car trip? Are you looking for soft pillows to travel with or travel pillow memory foam? Want to find a neck pillow travel accessory to reduce your neck pain?

Have you tried a cervical neck pillow in the past and found it very convenient, but need a travel pillow set that includes a neck travel pillow, traveling pillow cover and a travel pillow case?

We have an incredible solution to your problems:


- Helps relax neck and head, preventing strain while you sleep during travel – a well-supported neck allows for comfortable sleep
- An upright neck also means unobstructed airways and helps eliminate snoring
- Made of high-performance memory foam, which provides an extremely comfortable resting surface for your neck & head and is sure to retain its high resilience, softness and ability to gradually reform
- Highly breathable material, which doesn’t heat up. Remains like new for years and prevents growth of any odor-causing bacteria
- Optimal size ensures it’s big enough to conveniently support your neck & small enough to fit into a small space like your backpack or carry-on
- Comes with a free carrying bag that makes it easy to store & convenient to carry along
- Has adjustable & easy to use toggles on strings, which make it easy to adjust to your comfort and keep it in position


So, why think twice?

ORDER NOW & Get this incredible Travel Neck Pillow with Navy Blue Velour Cover to Sleep Comfortably during Travel!

Comments about Travel Pillow - Memory Foam Neck Pillow - Airplane Pillow for Car, Bus, Train Travel, Rest - 2 FREE Gifts - Carry Travel Pillowcase - Protective Navy Blue Velour Cover
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Comments :
This is the best travel pillow I’ve ever had. It’s made of memory foam, so it’s never too hard or too soft. It’s tucked away in a pouch bag. The seller provides the instructions on how to stick it back it after you get it out. It wasn’t too difficult at all. I like that you can wash the cover after each trip. I find planes the most unhygienic places. It is the perfect pillow for me.

I purchased this for three overnight flights coming up, weighing cost, size, and ridiculousness against the other available products. I can say that the product that arrived is exactly what is was described to be. I'm sure it will be preferable to the inflatable pillows that I have used in the past. I prefer dark, quiet, comfy horizontal mattresses when I sleep, so this will be an adventure that I will have to report back on!

UPDATE 4/23/17: I just returned from my trip and have to say that my neck pillow was fabulous, making my flight the "shortest" overnight flight I've ever been on because I slept the whole time. I loaned it to my child for an upcoming overnight flight and will purchase some more for the family for another upcoming flight. This pillow is super supportive yet comfortable. I love its soft, fuzzy cover and the stuff sack that it comes in. (I cannot count how many exposed neck pillows I saw looped over luggage handles, eww.) This product combined perfectly with the Macks Dreamweaver Contoured Sleep Mask from this site.

UPDATE 1/06/2018: I just used it again on an overnight flight. This airplane had the side-bendable headrests that also adjust up and down for height. I had to slide the headrest all the way up so that my neck pillow would fit comfortably underneath it, but I'm tall so that worked. Added bonus: I also learned that if I tuck the edges of a travel blanket between the neck pillow and my neck and shoulders in front, it holds the blanket in place wonderfully.

Great neck support, and I'm so happy I can wash it. I had to get rid of several neck pillows because I've just been using them for too long and they obviously could've use a wash. The material is soft and very pleasant to the touch. Also, I love that it is so compact. Very convenient for traveling.

This is the best travel pillow I have ever used!!! I bought this pillow because I wanted something that would support my neck during travel in case I dosed off and didn't want to strain my neck or shoulders. After waking and getting off the plane I found that I felt 100500% better because I rested without straining the neck, head or shoulders. It is very comfortable for traveling. Have a nice trip!!!

Great attention to details.
The size is well chosen, the shape is comfortable for the neck, adjustable toggles for even more control.
I have used during long flights and it saved my neck (and my sleep).
Obviously, this one is not even to be compared to airlines' default neck pillows.

The pillow is very convenient during travel in a car! Now I keep it in my car all the time and will purchase more for all my family members.
Good quality, good price and a very good stuff! Like it a lot!

We actually purchased this for our lab that had surgery for a corn cob lodged in his intestine. This worked great because of the ability to tie the pillow (he has a big head and neck). The pillow has been a comfortable alternative to the hard plastic cone we received from the animal hospital. Our lab is on pain meds right now, so he has not tried to fool with his stitches and staples. This comfortable alternative will not work once he realizes he can reach his incision.

Excellent travel pillow. I'm a teacher and I have to chaperone several field trips. I inevitably fall asleep on the bus during these trips. My neck would always hurt after my "bus naps." But now, with my neck pillow, not only does my neck not hurt, but I sleep better too. Excellent product.

Bought for my wife for a trip. She previously had a different brand neck pillow but lost it. She is now glad she lost it as she said this was very much more comfortable. Loved it, kept neck straight (higher sides than her other one).

Would definitely buy again.

I bought this neck memory pillow for my travels and it is very comfortable and soft. I like the material and memory foam supports my neck perfectly so I can sleep during my travels. The quality is very good and it comes with a carry bag that is also very comfortable.

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