Comments about Brookstone Outlast Gold Temperature Regulating Bed Pillow, Standard

Brookstone Outlast Gold Temperature Regulating Bed Pillow, Standard

• Outlast Certified Gold Liner
• 100% Polyester Fiber Fill
• Outlast technology absorbs, stores & releases heat
• Balances temperature around your head and neck and maintains optimal sleep temperature.
• Provides thermal compatibility with your partner
• Hypoallergenic

Comments about Brookstone Outlast Gold Temperature Regulating Bed Pillow, Standard
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Comments :
If you've been using a flat pillow, this will be an adjustment since it has some height to it, but the cool side does stay cool. Even after sleeping on it all night, it felt cool to my hand when I was making the bed in the morning. If hot head is a problem for you, recommended.

Update: I bought another one because I was jealous of my husband having this pillow, and it doesn't seem cool to me in the middle of the night, just when you get up and then come back to bed, it cools down.

Here in New England Brookstone is almost a cult for people who want unique and/or very high quality products. When I saw it was Brookstone I was confident I would like this pillow and I was not disappointed.

This is a standard size pillow with one side "Outlast" for cooling comfort in warm weather. The other side has a silky like fabric for a more typical and warmer "pillow experience." The "Outlast" is supposed to be temperature regulating but in a cold bedroom like mine I like the other side better. How the pillow is versatile in this way pleases me; the kind of interesting twist I'd expect in a Brookstone product.

I like that the pillow is assembled in Canada. At least it's in North America! So few bedding items are any more. The quality of construction on mine is first rate with perfect seams and plenty of the obligatory informational labels :-) The pillow comes in a plastic zipper storage case. It to seems reasonably well made and a nice touch.

NOTE: The information tag says "WASH THIS PRODUCT BEFORE USING." I noticed a slight manufacturing kind of odor out of the package, but just one wash got rid of this completely. Machine wash cold on the gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat until the fill is completely dry. I guessed at when it was *fully dry* because it's a little hard to be certain... it's a pillow after all and kind of thick. If they put it on the tag I say definitely wash it before first use!

I like a soft pillow and I like this pillow. The Outlast cooling side on top is great for warmer evenings. On cooler winter nights the regular fabric on top helps it be warm and cuddly in my (intentionally) quite cool bedroom.

In conclusion I think this Brookstone temperature regulating pillow is excellent from both the temperature control part and performing as a very comfortable pillow. I think it is very well made and should last a long time. I'm giving this pillow 5 stars as I'm sure is no surprise.

Wow! I finally found a pillow better than the nicer hotel pillows. My head sinks in just a little and the fibers give way just enough, better than down even. It is supportive but not springy or too firm or pushy.

Over the past 2 years I've tried about 8 different pillows ranging in price from $4 to $40 from department stores, online and Costco. None really worked for me. Too thick, too soft, and just plain uncomfortable. Down pillows felt too soft and smelled weird. Just about any hotel pillow seemed better than the ones I found, but I kept forgetting to check the labels in the morning.

This one immediately felt wonderful. And cold. Surprisingly cold. Most pillows start to reflect my body heat in seconds. This one takes much, much longer. One side has grippy rubber pattern on it, and the other is plain. I haven't really decided which side I like better, but if I want it to feel cooler anytime I can just flip it over. I guess that will be nice in summer, but I don't mind it in winter either; after a while it warms up and seems to get about perfect, not too hot or cold.

This pillow is absolutely perfect for the hot sleeper who loves thick, soft pillows. I happen to be married to one of them, and this pillow was immediately claimed by him. I did get to test it out briefly before it made its way back to his side of the bed. I am not sure how it's accomplished, but the "cool" side of the pillow is literally cool to the touch. I was expecting that maybe it wouldn't heat up the way that memory foams tend to do but it's cool right out of the package. Very weird but a great feature.

I did not notice any off-gassing smell the way I normally do with memory foams and other manmade material bedding.

It is an incredibly soft, fluffy pillow, so it lofts up very high but doesn't provide a lot of support. I personally like my pillows a bit firmer but this was ideal for my husband. It also means you can squish it down hard and it bounces back, so we can actually pack this pillow when we travel - which will be a great upgrade as he is constantly getting terrible sleep on hotel pillows.

I honestly couldn't tell you what 'thermal compatibility with your partner' is, but I like this pillow. It's got a breathable cover on one side (the Certified Gold Outlast temperature regulating side) and a less breathable microfiber cover on the other. The welt on this knife edge pillow is soft and silky.

The pillow itself is light as a feather and lofty. My husband claimed it the minute I opened the box but gave it up to me after the first night. He said it was too soft. I however love it, it's like sleeping on air. It really hasn't been hot like my crazy expensive foam pillow and you just kind of melt into it.

I'm allergic to dust, feathers and latex and this is free of all of those. It's actually hypoallergenic and I've not had a single issue. It's fiberfill and that usually washes well, until it doesn't. I'd say this was a good value and I really like the airy feeling I get when I lay my head on this.

Wow! I don't know what type of magical unicorn material this pillow is made of, but it is SO cool to the touch! When I saw "temperature regulating," I honestly thought it sounded like a gimmick, but I do get hot in my sleep so I thought I'd give it a go. Literally as soon as I opened the high quality clear storage zip pouch the pillow came in, I was impressed! The pillow top literally feels incredibly cool to the touch. One side has the cooling technology and one side is more of a regular fabric, and when you touch the two sides you can feel a significant temperature difference. The cooling side is SO much cooler, somehow? I don't understand how it's possible, but it really is. The pillow is very breathable, light, and quite a high loft. I usually sleep on a much flatter pillow, so this one will take some getting used to in that it is much thicker. But it truly is MUCH cooler than any pillow I've ever used, so I'm a believer!

I usually use a memory foam pillow with cooling capabilities and like it just fine, but sometimes I'd rather use a less bulky, softer pillow, and Brookstone's temperature regulating pillow fits the bill. the cooling side stays cool - and on chilly nights you can simply turn it over for a "regular" pillow temperature.

I like about this soft but lofty pillow because it's lightweight and made out of polyester fiberfill. That means it's easier to take with me on overnights - I can stuff it in a suitcase - and that I can wash it. I really like to wash my pillows now and then, but with memory foam, it's not an option.

This is a standard 20" x 26" x 6" pillow and it fits perfectly between our two queen-sized memory foam pillows on our California King bed. I can switch it out whenever I want, which is usually at least once a night. This pillow is well made and reasonably priced, making it a definite keeper.

This is truly an all seasons pillow. the cooling side is remarkably cool and fresh, perfect for hot nights and hot heads. the other side is regular. It is not warming or cooling but appropriate when cooling isn't desired. the pillow is standard sized. It is a bit soft for my tastes but quite soft and comfy otherwise. My mother who alternates between being too hot and too cold in the same night notwithstanding the time of year and ambient room temperature loves it. She can just turn it over to cool down. the pillow is machine washable on the gentle cycle in cold water. Tumble dry low. It launders like a dream. Oddly the tag says to wash before first use. I did not notice any odor but followed the instructions. a well made pillow that delivers comfort no matter what the season.

I am a bit on the fence with this pillow.
Yes it has a side that keep the temperature down but it is a bit grainy.
The other side is softer but for someone like me who is used to tempur pedic pilows, I have hard time to find it really comfortable. It does not feel plush at all. It is like by head feels like bouncing of it when I place it on this pillow.

I did not want to give it less than 3 stars because it never advertised to be as good as tempur pedic but for me the comfort is primordial.

In conclusion,
This pillow could be great for you if you do not care that much about comfort and you are more concerned about keeping the temperature of your pillow regulated. Not good enough for me.

I really like this Brookstone temperature regulating pillow. I am 7 months pregnant and always hot so the cool pillow feels great. It only has the cool design on one side of the pillow. The cool touch material immediately feels cool to the touch, but the cool feel lessened after I put a (100% cotton) pillowcase on the pillow. That was disappointing because the cool feeling is the key feature and the best part. As for laying on the pillow it's not a very firm pillow, more on the fluffy side in my opinion. Overall, I like the cool feature, wish it could be cool on both sides and not less cool after the pillowcase is on it.

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