Comments about Contour Products Twist Neck Pillow, Navy Blue

Contour Products Twist Neck Pillow, Navy Blue

Contour Twist Neck Pillow bends into any shape or position and stays there. It's soft poly-foam and articulating linkage deep inside easily forms and comfortably supports you in any place or position - at home, on the plane, in the car. Bend it in any position to relieve strain while reading, watching TV or at bed time; suitable for kids neck support during car rides too. Comes with soft, washable velour cover which is easy to remove and clean. Since the introduction of our first product in 1991, Contour Products has emerged as a recognized leader of specialty sleep, comfort and support solutions. Our products help to properly align the body for overall comfort and improved well-being.

Comments about Contour Products Twist Neck Pillow, Navy Blue
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I was hoping to get the same type of firm memory type foam as a previous and other brand contour pillow that I love to use to cradle my head without smashing my ear and keep my chin up and mouth closed to prevent snoring. The foam was beginning to bottom out after nearly two years use.
However, the foam in this is not the same, but I LIKE IT BETTER. It is a fine, but easy to hand squish foam, but in use, just perfect. I find myself not even turning over in the night. The contour mechanism inside is also shorter which also is not an issue. Will not protrude out the ends, which still was not an issue of comfort with the other, just a fussiness on my part.
I still use regular standard type pillows, but on either side of me to hug or to rest a leg (I sleep on my side).

I bought this pillow 2 years ago to use as a support for my neck at night.

The battery-massage aspect I find useless and I ended up taking these things out...However, the bending aspect of this pillow is the best I have found to date.

I can bend it tightly around my neck and it supports my neck on 3 complete sides. Medically I have a non-malignant small 'lump' on my back near the base of my neck. My pain doctor says this condition is common with Irish heritage. In addition to this I have early degeneration of 3 of my neck discs and chronic fibromyalgia pain aggravated by all of the above.

This pillow enables me to sleep with support and pain relief. I take this pillow everywhere I plan to sleep overnight and find myself unable to come up with a substitution when it is not there.

I have since tried memory foam bendable neck pillows but NONE have given me the 3 sided support that this pillow has!

I plan to order a 2nd.

If you have any similar problems conditions...I strongly encourage trying this pillow out (minus the battery/vibration add on) :)

this thing is like a tempurpedic pool noodle with a bendy wire inside that is the exact perfect size for wearing around your neck in all sorts of positions. it has helped so much with my migraines. also if you're a side sleeper it's about perfect thickness to feel like you're resting your head on someone's arm. so many uses, but these are primarily what i use it for. the cover zips off so you can wash it too.

Very comfy. Just right depth to support neck. Love the reshape feature, can use it flat in bed on top my pillow, or bend it to use for support in the car. We have purchased several, and have given a few away. Greatly appreciated gift.

I had one of these about 15 years ago and lost it in a move. When I came upon it on amazon I bought it immediately. It is sooo great. It can be molded to be straight or curved in almost any position. I use it for neck support when sleeping but can be used as lumbar support when watching tv. It may be too small for a larger frame (I'm very petite) but it's just a great piece to have around for that moment when you need a little extra oomph.

One of the best travel purchases I've ever made! The pillow twists so that you can fold it in half to put in a carry on bag/purse. The way it folds or is flexible is so much more comfortable and sturdy than a typical "neck pillow". You can ball it up and use it as a regular pillow. I've used it on so many trips - on a plane, in a car, at a hotel when the pillows weren't comfortable. Simply amazing! I would purchase again and highly recommend!

Finally a neck pillow that can be adjusted while I sleep, this pillow twist so many ways that it has made it more comfortable for my neck, while I sleep. This is better than an ordinary neck travel pillow. Yes and yes again for this product.

This is really a great twist pillow. I have some from other companies, but you can feel the spine in them. This one you can't.
Works good in chairs for your back, as well as twisting for a wheelchair bound person who needs extra cushioning someplace.

We bought 2 of these pillows for an 8 hour trip on a plane. They were perfect! I was able to bend and twist it to hold up my head, but also place it in between the seat for a pillow at the same time. It worked so well I got lots of good sleep without my neck cramping. We even used it on my 3 yr old! It was a GREAT purchase. The only thing I was worried about was getting through security with it, but there ended up not being a problem at all with that. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Love, love, love! This thing is the best! You can bend it and twist it! And the bar in the middle makes this pillow the BEST! It doesn't move around or smash down! I'm ordering another one for the hubby!

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