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Contour Products Twist Neck Pillow, Navy Blue
This Contour Folding Bed Wedge Cushion adds a gradual incline for your bedtop. This full-size torso wedge supports the head and chest in an upright and angled position, aiding digestion, easing breathing and sinus pressure and soothing muscle tension while supporting the spine. The raised upper
Versatile wedge pillow combination - unique hinged design allows you to position yourself in a variety of ways, all with one pillow. This is a fiber-filled, comfortable wedge system that allows 4 different support positions - adjust from reading in bed to sleeping with just a flip of your pillow.
Product DescriptionNow you can finally get a great night's sleep while using your PAP machine! Contour Product's CPAPMax Pillow has been specially designed to help eliminate mask shifting and end those annoying air leaks which constantly wake you (and your partner) up with a "whoooshing" sound.
100% polyester/100% Urethane Foam Made in the USA and Imported Align yourself for a great nights sleep and relieve low back, hip and knee pressure at night Patented design stays with you during the night and does not interfere with sheets and blankets like a bulky regular pillow Form fitting
14-101R-DS-730 Features: -Contour CPAP bed pillow. -''PAP'' ease of use. -Sleep comfort. -''PAP'' compliance. Product Type: -Head Support. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -2.75 Pounds.
Orthofiber 2.0 Pillow Ultimate Support & Comfort For Back & Side Sleepers! Deluxe support pillow is orthopedically designed to help relieve headaches, joint strain, arthritis, neck injuries, and neck pain. Pillow's "sweet zone" gently cradles head, aligns spine, and supports neck in its
Contour Products cervical pillow provides neck support with plush, memory foam comfort. The cervical pillow's crescent shape accommodates your shoulder area and positions your head in the pillow's center for great orthopedic support. It's made of 100percent memory foam that conforms to the exact
Contour Products Pedic Pillow, is a full size pillow constructed of luxurious memory foam and is orthopedically designed to properly support your neck, head, and shoulders. The temperature sensitive material uses your body heat to activate the molding process, creating a personalized fit. Includes
Contour Cloud Cool Air Edition Pillow is uniquely designed with a 3-layer ventilation system that wicks away perspiration and body heat keeping you cool and dry during hot flashes and night sweats! Imagine resting your head on a cool, cushiony cloud of air! Contour's 3-layer design keeps back and
Transform your mattress into an adjustable bed for a fraction of the cost! The Mattress Genie bed wedge inflates between your mattress and box spring, via remote control, to raise your upper mattress.