Holmes AER1 HEPA Type Total Air Filter, HAPF30AT

Holmes AER1 HEPA Type Total Air Filter, HAPF30AT
HEPA Type filter helps remove up to 99% of airborne pollutants
Advanced dust eliminating power, delivers 30% better air quality
Infused with Arm and Hammer Baking Soda for household odor elimination
Compatible with aer1 ready air purifiers
Replaces A Filter, D Filter, K Filter

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Comments / reviews:
Received my total air today.

New one is clean and white, however, the old one that I bought from Walmart about a year ago is all black (they look exactly the same but with different numbers on the side). I'm not sure if the old one is infused with charcoal or some sort but the new one definitely looks a lot better than my old one!

I couldn't it find any info on the net using the old filter numbers, really curious now.

Helps my 5 year old son with allergies so I was hoping to give him some non-medicated relief. One day I plan to invest in high quality purifers but for now this has been very helpful. It is not perfect but I have noticed a big difference for him and just looking at the old filter gives me assurance that it is doing something. Only a couple of them are True HEPA so be careful which ones you buy.

These fantastic little filters, while not being actually HEPA rated (they're HEPA-type) do an amazing job of catching all the detritus floating around our house. We have a cat and a dog, and both are in a constant state of confusion over what season it is thanks to the miracles of indoor air conditioning, and so are always bulking up fur and then shedding it. I bought a tower style air purifier for our bedroom on a whim, and these as its replacement filters, not really expecting much. After four months, I went to swap them out and was amazed/disgusted by the amount of stuff trapped in these filters. I'm actually going to be changing them every three months now instead of every four. We've noticed a marked improvement in air quality (in particular, my wife's allergies seem to be less triggered - even though these aren't true HEPA filters, they still do a great job reducing allergens in the air), and have bought an additional air purifier we're running in another room with the same filters. I can't imagine upgrading to the true HEPA filters would be worth it for what they cost, when these already do such a great job.

In Southwest Louisiana the trees, weeds, and grasses put out pollen with a vengeance. If you suffer from allergies, it can become incapacitating. I already had one Holmes air purifier in my bedroom where I sleep. In desperation, I added a second one. I sleep between them. I installed this Holmes HEPA Filter into the newest one and a fresh normal Holmes Filter in the older one. Ahhhhh relief. I am comfortable in one place in the house and that is between the two Holmes air purifiers. Allows me to watch tv or to sleep in comfort.

Help with my sons severe allergies. Switched our AER1 filters from HEPA like to True HEPA, and in a day my son stopped sneezing and having issues with hives/runny eyes and coughing.

I also started feeling better too. I didn't know I was having issues with the dust, until the dust and allergens were gone, and I wake without a scratchy throat and stuffy nose.

I replaces all the air purifier filters in our home with these, as ours came with these same ones but in HEPA Like. You will breath easier.

This filter is helping me combat adult onset asthma. We live in a small poor southern city. The factories are empty but we have a wholesale pine mulch facility . This mulch plant grinds mulch daily. We have continual red dust. I developed asthma. The respiratory therapist that did the diagnostic test suggested I get a Hepa filter system. I have to replace the filter at least every two months. This filter is trapping an amazing amount of pollutants. I use subscribe and save for these purchases. This filter is an important part of my combating pollution and improving my breathing process. I wish to thank Holmes for this product.

I got the Odor Eliminator filters and I have to say they work miracles! Between my dog and my bad cigarette habit my place is hard to keep smelling pleasant to other people. I put these in yesterday and in 24 hours everyone is saying there is a massive reduction in odor! This filter really works! I HIGHLY recommend these filters! I have nothing but praise for them!

Ive been using these filters for a few years now, in different environments. Happy with the results produced in my smaller spaces. The product lists that filters should be replaces every 4 months. I recommend eyeballing it, all depends o how much you use your purifier and the amount of dust/dander you have in your space. I prefer to change mine closer to every 3 months since we use it in our room with a baby and have a couple of small pets that occasionally share our bed. Pretty decent price too if you get it on suscribe and save through prime. Also, kind of hard to find them locally all the time so this is a very convenient option.

I bought this several months ago to go in my Holmes HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier (HAP242-NUC). It works like a charm. As an asthma sufferer, air quality is important to me. This little guy when combined with my machine does an excellent job, reduced my asthma symptoms, and helps me get decent sleep. A budget friendly option until I can afford a larger one.

Fits perfectly

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