Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun -58℉~ 716℉ (-50℃ ~ 380℃), Yellow and Black

Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun -58℉~ 716℉ (-50℃ ~ 380℃), Yellow and Black

1. The measuring surface is about 2cm below the infrared aiming point.
2. For best accuracy, the distance between the thermometer and object of measurement shold approximately be 14.17inches (36cm).

Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Thermometer guns have been used by major airports and security offices during the 2014 Ebola outbreak.

Laser Guided
Aim with precision at whatever you wish to measure, thanks to the laser beam guidance feature. Even from a far distance, the laser provides a mark to ensure accuracy every time you make a measurement.

Infrared Lens
The Infrared lens inside the Lasergrip 774 Thermometer provides temperature readings without the need to touch or come close to anything dangerously hot or cold. You'll be able to effortlessly measure high temperatures, hazardous and inaccessible objects, and even moving targets; such as hot engine parts, cooking surfaces, swimming pools, bath water, wine coolers, hot asphalt, electric bearings, and much more.


Temperature Range: -50℃~380℃ (-58℉~716℉)
Accuracy: В±2% or 2в„ѓ
Distance Spot Ratio: 12:1
Emissivity Adjustable: 0.95(fixed)
Response Time and Wavelength: <500ms and (8-14)um
Repeatability: В±1% orВ±1в„ѓ
Resolution: 0.1℃ or 0.1℉
Storage Temperature: -20-50℃ (-4-122℉)
Operating Temperature: 0-50℃ (50-122℉)
Certifactions: FDA, FCC, CE, ROHS

Package Included

1 x Etekcity Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
1 x 9-Volt Battery
1 x User's Manual

2 Year Warranty by Etekcity

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Comments / reviews:
This device is probably the best single purchase that I have made on Amazon in my three-plus years of Prime membership. It functions wonderfully as a distance thermometer, shining a tiny red dot on what I'm measuring and, based on comparison with a thermoscan camera at work, is pretty accurate across a range of temperatures from 0В°F up to about 400В°F.
But wait, there's more!
It also serves as an AWESOME CAT AND DOG TOY!
You already know that your pets are fascinated by that little red dot, and this thing DELIVERS!
The button that turns on the device has a very soft click, barely perceptible, so it won't distract your faithful (or in the case of cats) persistent companions. The dot is bright and consistent, unlike other laser pointers on the market, and, (safety first) can be turned off so that fluffy doesn't get to curious about the dot suddenly appearing on the side of a pot of boiling water on the stove.
It's powered by a 9V battery, and the manufacturer was kind enough to include one, but buy a pack, because you'll be using this thing on EVERYTHING!
Is the chicken done? Laser thermometer. How cool is the A/C running? Laser thermometer. Is your house's brick construction holding in a lot of heat in the evening? Laser thermometer. Engine block not getting coolant flow? Laser thermometer. Wildfire approaching? Run like hell. Wildfire a safe distance downwind? Laser thermometer*.
Buy this thing, and you'll have as much fun as we have at my house, I promise**.

*Probably won't reliably measure the temperature of flames at a safe enough distance, so don't get too close to fire.
**I'm not actually able to back this promise up, but I've had a blast with this thing. If you don't, you're probably just a boring person.

I bought this product because I thought my refrigerator was not cold enough, and I saw the tech that previously came out using a lazer thermometer to gauge the temps inside. With this product, I was getting 50+ degrees in the fridge, while it was set to 33, so I used this as my basis for a service call, along with some spoiled milk. When the tech returned, he was getting ~35 on his lazer thermometer, while mine was still high 40s and 50s at the same time and in the same spot. Maybe I got a defective one, but this lazer thermometer is absolutely terrible.

UPDATE: Based on this review, Etekcity has sent me a replacement, no questions asked and no need to send back the defective one. That deserves a second star.

UPDATE: Turns out the thermometer is fine, the tech that came out had a defective one (a different brand, I asked). In fact, the temps that the new tech got from his wired thermometer were exactly the temps I was getting from this laser thermometer. 100% a five-star product!

l got this to temper chocolate. I have tried it before by sight/feel and it didn't work and my chocolate got streaky. Maybe if you have lots of experience with tempering you can do it, but I am just learning! I used Callebaut 52% semi sweet callets. They were a little expensive so I didn't want to screw it up. I made those chocolate spheres that are hollow. You melt off the bottom after you form them (with Christmas Ornament balls of all things!!!) You melt off a little of the bottom then place it over ice cream. Then you melt the ball with hot caramel sauce revealing the ice cream inside. Very cool. My daughter saw one online and BEGGED me to make them. I attached a photo of the formed sphere you you can see. the 100mm size is the size of a softball.

Anyway, this tool was invaluable for tempering. I had to get to 120 back down to 82 then back up to 88-92 degrees to temper dark chocolate. It worked perfectly. I read in the directions that you should aim about 12-14 inches away from the item to get the most accurate measurement without the area getting too big (I guess it takes the average of the "cone" it shoots out.) Since my double boiler wasn't too big, I may have been more like 10 inches away, but it worked. Beautiful, shiny chocolate that was perfectly in temper and snapped just like it should! And I am a total beginner so I was thrilled!!! I may try to make other chocolates with this now, something I was always scared of until this tool!


• Pretty accurate within a degree or two
• Simple way to satisfy your curiosity of how hot something might be
• Excellent price point (even comes with the battery!)
• Great build quality, seems like it’ll last a long time


• make sure you read the directions to get an accurate temp reading, obviously distance makes a huge difference

This is one of those purchases that I made because I was interested in measuring couple different items around the house. The first thing I want to know was how hot the air was blowing out of my vents, then I moved on to my water temperature, and also trying to get a gauge of the temperature around my windows and sliding doors. Actually, I couldn’t believe some of the “cold spots “in my home. This gave me an idea of where to insulate for the winter to ensure my heat was most efficient. I can imagine countless things you could do with this unit… I think it’ll also be useful to measure temperatures for cooking purposes, hot water for a bath, manifold temp on a boat or car etc…. Everything worked hundred percent from the time I open the box and popped the included battery in. So I would definitely recommend this and give it five stars. I hope this helps you make your decision.

Works great. Got it at 1/4 cost. I like to measure things, including temperatures. Vehicle engines, is an interesting thing to measure.
EDIT 10/3/17: In electronic circuits I play with, this laser temp measure tool works for troubleshooting temp sensitive electronic components on circuit boards, to determine if they are operating properly per designed circuit expectations of output parameters and are being kept within the window of working temperature coefficients as defined within manufacturer specifications for desired and stable output rather than thermal runnaway. Thermal problems are near impossible to measure until now and I'm not a fan of using my fingertip for obvious reasons. Works great to measure operating temps on output power transisters in amplifier circuits, inter alia, and allowed me to determine faulty power xstrs and resolve this bewildering thermal issue on an amazing and expensive music instrument amplifier which I have owned for years. One xstr was repaired by placing a larger heat sink under the one xstr to stabilize temp which cost me nothing but a few extra molecules of glucose to find & then cut and attach a chunk of aluminum & apply heat transfer gunk, the white goop. I might have overdriven its circuits a few times during my loudest years. It now operates properly and is like new! My Praise be great for this invaluable and fun tool.

I would recommend this tool.

The Etekcity Lasergrip 774 temperature gun has been money well spent. I use it for soap making to measure temperatures of lye and oils. I have compared readings from this thermometer to a digital candy thermometer I own and the two are within a couple tenths of degrees of one another. Thus, it is accurate without question and it is easy to use since it doesn't have to touch the liquids that I measure, which means I don't have to spend time cleaning it off before reading another liquid temperature. The functions are easy to work but there is a manual that explains how to use it and what the symbols mean. For the price I cannot see how one could go wrong purchasing this temperature gun.

I've bought a couple of these kinds of laser thermometers over the years. I'm not sure if they're necessarily meant for kitchen use (because their build tends to make them look more like a hardware tool than a kitchen gadget), but I find them handy. I'll typically measure the temperature of ice in order to make sure they're in the ballpark of being accurate.

With this one, though, despite it giving me an accurate reading on ice, I question whether it's giving me accurate readings in the higher temperatures. I made some homemade caramel, using this to monitor the temperature as I cooked (it requires constant stirring to keep the caramel from burning at those high temps, so I like the point-and-shoot thermometers as opposed to leaving a candy thermometer stuck in the candy, because a thermometer like that gets in the way of the constant stirring), and even though this thermometer gave me a reading that said I was in the soft-ball stage, the caramel ended up a good bit firmer than I expected. It's a recipe I've made before, using similar thermometers, so I have some experience doing it that way. So I suspect the accuracy might've been a bit off at the higher temperatures. But it wasn't off by a ton, I don't think. Perhaps 5 or 10 degrees. In the future, I'll probably just assume this thermometer is a little bit off and adjust accordingly. I suppose I could pull out a real thermometer and run some tests to figure out exactly how accurate it is at different temperatures, but I'm too lazy.

I bought the Etekcity Lasergrip infrared thermometer on impulse as an interesting gadget for my old guy's toy collection. However, since I received it I have found some quite useful things to do with the thing--checking the temperature in our fridge and freezer, finding a cool spot in the living room wall and measuring the surface temperature of food cooking on the kitchen range.

The thermometer is really easy to use. Aim, pull the trigger and instantly read the back lighted dsplay on the back. The device is well made and runs on a 9 volt battery which is easy to install. From my initial operating, the thermometer it seems like the battery will last for quite awhile.

A good buy for fun and much more.

This is just a good product for several reasons. This has got everything you'd want with a remote temp sensor and is accurate enough for all but scientific use.
First the clamshell packaging can actually be opened.... like a clamshell... without risking wounding yourself cutting it open.
The instructions are thorough and tell you everything you could possibly want to know about how everything works and the best way to use it. A very welcome change from most instructions.
The screen could have more contrast, but it's easily readable. You can turn the screen's backlight on or off, which is a nice feature if you don't need it and want to conserve battery power. There is also a button that gives you the option of whether to use the laser spot or not. It also can provide readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
Instructions say that the ideal distance from the object you're trying to read is a hair over 14 inches.
The item itself is made of sturdy plastic with a nice buff finish that shouldn't be too slippery to hold. The trigger to take readings is handy and efficient. You can take either continuous scans by holding the trigger or just "shoot" one spot.
The hinged battery compartment is smartly designed where you pull out the entire front of the grip. The battery may seem like a tight fit or that it won't fit at all, but note that there is a small strip of foam in the forward part of the compartment and if you put the end with the connection against that and then press the back into the compartment, making sure the wires aren't strained or twisted, it works fine. (Instructions tell you which way the battery fits)
Great to see such a useful instrument (for cooking and many other uses) at such a reasonable price. Well made and well done.

This tool does exactly what you'd expect it to do. It feels sturdy and works dependably. I bought this to measure the temperature of the air coming out of the various vents in my home. It was great to be able to identify empirically the variation from vent to vent. No more holding my hand in front of each vent and guessing whether it feels colder/warmer than the others. In fact, the vents in the rooms in the edges of our house are significantly warmer than the vents in the center.

Later, I used it on my grill to measure the temperature of the meat I was grilling. I'm less confident that this is a meaningful measurement as it is measuring SURFACE temperature rather than internal temperature. However, it did help me to identify which pieces were in cold spots on the grill and were not cooking as fast. That was the key thing I liked about using it on the grill. It was less clear to me if it would be helpful in determining whether the meat was done cooking due to it measuring the outside temp only.

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