Reviews AmazonBasics 1500 Watt Ceramic Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat - Black

AmazonBasics 1500 Watt Ceramic Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat - Black
Ceramic space heater with adjustable thermostat for comfortable warmth—ideal for home or office
1500-watt high setting; 3 output options: Low, High, or Fan Only; power indicator light lets you know when it’s plugged in
For safety: tip-over switch with auto shut-off and overheat protection with auto shut-off; ETL listed
Carrying handle for easy transport; not for use in bathrooms, laundry areas, or other high-humidity rooms
Choice of Black or Silver color; backed by an AmazonBasics limited 1-year warranty

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I must admit I was taken aback by the small size of this heater, obviously I did not thoroughly read the details. However, after unpacking this item and plugging it in, it was clear this was a mighty little heater regardless of its small size. It puts out! Also, this heater is very safe: if it even slightly tips over or is leaning, it immediately stops. It must sit on a level hard surface. This little heater made my entire room--which is huge~ very warm, toasty and comfortable. The thermostat is adjustable and it has a low and high setting as well. I really appreciate the swivel feature which allows the heat to spread widely from side to side if you like, or not if you don't. The warmth spreads quickly. I highly recommend this heater-- it's cheap AND it works!!

I bought this heater for my freezing office. I tested it at home on carpet. The carpet is not shallow I guess because the heater will not operate. I realized the tip over switch wasn’t turning on. Once I placed it on my table, it works great. The heater is small enough that I placed it on a small hardback journal for the carpet. It is very toasty and should be perfect for my office now that I’ve found a workaround.

This little heater exceeded my expectations. I've been using it almost every day since December 2017. For such a small heater it really puts out some heat. My bedroom is 400 square feet and it has no problem warming the room. With the bedroom door closed and the heater on high it gets uncomfortably hot in about 30 minutes. I mostly keep the temperature around medium and it will eventually warm the room up hotter than I'd like it to be. No need to run the thing constantly. Even on the days it snowed the heater didn't take much longer to reach the same level of heat in the room.

As far as noise output goes it's about what I expected. Sounds like a small fan. Usually not even loud enough to warrant turning my TV volume up. It's actually kind of peaceful. Combined with the heat it might just put you to sleep.

2 things to be aware of: #1 It needs to sit on a hard flat surface. Safety button on the bottom needs to be pressed in or it won't work.
#2 This thing is surprisingly small. Read product description.

Most of the negative reviews are from people who simply don't understand the product.

I'm very satisfied with this heater. %100 recommended and would purchase again.

For a smallish office room, this heats from freezing to sweating in about 20 minutes, it's a really powerful little heater! The tip-over mechanism, while nice to have for safety, can be finicky if it's on even a slightly uneven surface so it can take some repositioning to get it to come on. Other than that, it saves me from freezing in my 'coldest room of the office' room!

The Amazon basics electric space heater has worked great for me. This winter has been unusually cold and my gamer cave doesn't heat as well as the rest of the house. The fan isn't very powerful so if you're not close to the unit, you don't feel it blowing on you. If you're really cold that can be unfortunate, but it will help warm up a small room efficiently. The body of the unit hasn't gotten hot at all but the front metal grating can get hot enough to cause burns so keep it away from babies and pets. If it's not on a flat surface, it won't work. That's good because you don't want a space heater to fall over, and stay running. I keep mine in an open area and it has never overheated, even when I have it running for hours. The only things I would improve about it is give it a stronger fan and a longer cord, since you must plug it directly into the wall and not an extension cord nor power strip.

Great little heater with big power ! Purchased this for our girls room that stays cooler than the rest of the house and it heated up their room very quick. Not extra loud at all, and the flow of heat being pushed out I could feel from a good foot away from it. It has a handle spot on the back making it easy to pick up and move it. The 3 fan settings are great for maintaining the rooms temperature once you get it to where you want it and you can also lessen the heat pushed out with the turn of a dial.

This heater works great I love all the over heat protection and fall protection. What I don't like is the tip sensor is just a rod on a spring that has to be depressed for the heater to work. It will not work on the carpet so you have to put it on a hard surface

This little heater kicks off a lot of heat. I use it to warm a bathroom, and it works quickly. The only downside is that even when turned off, the light stays on. I'm thinking of getting a surge protector that I can turn on and off with a switch, as I don't feel safe leaving it on all the time, but I imagine plugging and unplugging it constantly wouldn't be good for the cord. For the price though, it's pretty sweet.

This little 800/1500 watts heater is awesome.
Its a convection heater, which means heat goes into a series of fins and a fan blows the energy away heating up space around it (like a car wrongfully named radiator, as radiation is a different property of heat).
It has a protection from falling over which disconnect power from the unit.
Also the thermostat turns energy off to the heating elements and the fan and turns it on again as soon as the ambient temperature gets lower than the setting.
Only concern is with the use of the thermostat: shutting down the fan instantaneously means residual heat will bleed into the fan itself and wear it down eventually... but the price of this unit is quite low to be bother by such a small issue.

Plugged this in and it kicks out the heat. But I thought I broke it the first day. As I was holding it and turned it on...nothing, no heat and no fan! But as soon as I set it down it turned on. It was then I realized that unless it is perfectly upright on the floor, it wont function. Many a house fire has started by heaters without this feature. It does the job, does it well and does it safely and inexpensively!

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Ceramic space heater with adjustable thermostat for cozy warmth; oscillating option for better heat dispersal in multiple directions 1500-watt high setting; 3 output options: Low, High, or Fan Only; power indicator light lets you know when it’s plugged in For safety: tip-over switch with auto