Reviews HAPF-30 Holmes HEPA Aftermarket Replacement Filter

HAPF-30 Holmes HEPA Aftermarket Replacement Filter

Aftermarket replacement filter, fits Holmes models HAP240, HAP242, HAP243, HAP244, HAP246, HAP260, HAP260B, HAP413, HAP433, HAP440, HAP2404, HAP2604, HAP2604B, HE3001, HE3001-IQ, BAPF29-1 and PPS100. Does not fit the HAP412, HAP424 or HAP422 filters. It is 99.97% effective at HEPA Filtration and measures approximately 4 3/4 x 10 x 1 1/2. This includes the HEPA Filter + Carbon and effectively absorbs airborne bacteria, pollen, mold and spores, cooking odors, tobacco smoke and particles, pet dander and hair, dirt and dust, and many other household odors. For optimum performance, change your filter every 6 to 12 months depending on the air quality in your home or office.

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I have two Holmes HAP240 air cleaners, and these after-market versions fit as well as the originals did, and for less money! They're probably greener too, because they're cardboard, not plastic.

Reading through customer reviews, I found a great tip. You can make your filters last at least twice as long by wrapping the filter with a Swiffer dry cloth (for the Swiffer Sweeper). Put the Swiffer cloth on the intake side of the filter and fold the edges around the filter. This gives you a cheap pre-filter that makes the filter last a lot longer, and fit more tightly so that dust doesn't get dragged in the edges. Then every couple of weeks, change the cloth!

I chose this replacement filter because it was the least expensive one on Amazon I could find. For this price the quality blew me away. The frame is now plastic, not cardboard and the fit is as good as the original OEM filter and includes a nice rubber gasket to achieve a good seal.

Have not used the filter yet, bought it as a spare to use later, but the filter appears well made and should work just fine when needed.

This is an excellent replacement filter that fits the machine perfectly. It is just as effective as a Holmes filter so I will order it again.

Replaces the original fine

Fits my holmes air furifier. haven't used it yet, bought it cause I can't find a replacement for the filter for my Holmes air purifier at the store. It looks similar to the original filter I got for my machine. Will come back to follow up the performance of this product.

Fits fine.

Seems to work fine, but packaging should be improved. There was no cushion or padding. Filter could have been easily broken.

Good price for a true HEPA filter. I have a Bionaire air cleaner and the standard refills for it are only HEPA type filters. The filter door won't stay closed on the Bionaire with these filters, but a bungee wrapped around the unit did the trick. I have 6 cats so I need the true HEPA filters. I plan to buy more of these.

Price is great. Works good and I really liked how quick I got it in the mail. I will order from this place when I need another filter.

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