Twod Rifle Scope 2.5-10x 40 Dual Illuminated Mil-dot Gun Scopes with Red Laser w/ Weaver-picatinny Rail Mount

Twod Rifle Scope 2.5-10x 40 Dual Illuminated Mil-dot Gun Scopes with Red Laser w/ Weaver-picatinny Rail Mount



# Type 1: 2.5-10x 40 Rifle Scope (without Reflex Sight)

# Type 2: 2.5-10x 40 Rifle Scope (with Reflex Sight & Ring Mount)


Finish:Black Matte


Obj.lens (mm):40


Field oF view (ft.@100yds.):32.5 - 8.9

Length (in./mm):8.75/222.3

Click value (in.@100yds.):0.25

Tube Dia. (in./mm): 1.0/25.4

Laser Class: Class 3R lasers

Power Output:< 5mW

# Type 1: 2.5-10x 40 Rifle Scope (without Reflex Sight)

Weight: 19 oz

# Type 2: 2.5-10x 40 Rifle Scope (with Reflex Sight & Ring Mount)

Weight: 22.9 .oz

Reflex Sight:

1X magnification

24-by-34-millimeter objective diameter

Four unique reticles

Integrated weaver-style mount

Package Included:

# Type 1: 2.5-10x 40 Rifle Scope (without Reflex Sight)

1x Twod 2.5-10X40 illuminated rifle scope with red laser

1x Lens caps

3x Allen wrenches

1x CR2032 battery

2x LR44 batteries

1x Storage box

# Type 2: 2.5-10x 40 Rifle Scope (with Reflex Sight & Ring Mount)

1 x 2.5-10x40mm Rifle Scope

1 x 4 Reticle Reflex Sight

1 x Scope Ring Mount

1 x Lens cover

2 x CR 2032

2 x LR44 batteries

1 x Allen key

1 x Cleaning cloth

1 x Manual instruction

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Comments / reviews:
Shot 10 rounds, scope broke loose from the base and fogged up. Very disappointed. Amazon had great service as usual!!

Update...After posting my original review I was contacted by the owner of TWorld. He apologized for his products failure and offered to send me a free replacement even though I had already returned the bad one to Amazon. He did send it as promised and I will try it out as I promised. Guys, this is customer service you just don't see anymore. I never expected it to be a Leupold or Zeiss , not for what I paid. But it has nice features and if this one performs, I'll be upgrading my review yet again.

This scope goes for over $90 at academy. What a deal! Everything as described. Adjustable Magnification is crisp and clear at 50 yards. The scope was very easy to zero. Quick tip: use a laser bore sight to zero it first, then calibrate the built in laser to the crosshairs. Then use the built in laser and live ammo to make your final adjustments. The laser dot covered about a silver dollar size area @50yards. The picture of the magnification doesn't do it justice. The view is much clearer at x10@50yds than the pic let's on. All batteries included for illuminated crosshairs and laser. The illuminated crosshairs are actually a big help in low light shooting. There's a plastic lense cover for the scope lenses as well as a microfiber cleaning cloth that both do the job. The scope was easy to mount on rifle and held zero after about 100 rounds so far. If anything changes, I'll let y'all know, but this is a great scope! Pull the trigger! Buy this scope!

Customer service was top notch. Prompt, courteous, and professional.

Received today and the laser only displays red, not green. Selection knob on the side should allow for intensity adjustment and color selection. Turning knob has no effect on color or intensity. Requesting return.

Update: Seller contacted me same day offering a replacement and updated the description to only having a red laser (no green). The intensity though should still be adjustable. Will let you know how it goes with the replacement.

Update: Seller sent a replacement and it works great. Seller was very responsive and as mentioned previously, updated the description to remove the reference to a green laser. Exceptional customer service and outstanding value.

My husband had one rifle that was without a scope so we chose this one. It fit perfectly on his 9mm Carbine. The rail mount was the exact size for his rifle so it installed in minutes. It gave him the versatility and choice of various scopes with an optional laser. Many options in a small compact package that doesn't overpower your rifle or add additional weight to throw off your sighting. Red or green crosshairs can be selected for contrast conditions. Batteries included were a nice touch. The open reflex sight is removable or can be left on for a quick sighting of the target. The red dot enables the shooter to just point at a target without using the sight. It's a very nice scope and he is pleased with its design.

As advertised. I put it on my M&P15 .22sport and it looks great. It's easy to install and Everything works and all the batteries were included. I have not shot the gun with the scope, but feel confident I will have no problems. It's hard to believe they can sell this product for under 70 dollars with all the bells and whistles you get with it. If you own a AR type gun this is a must have for the price.

When I first stumbled on the Amazon item, it seemed too good to be real. So, I comparison shopped the last gun show with the spec. I did find the sight configuration except with a green laser for the price of >$250. The red laser here is completely inadequate in lighted conditions. I picked up the green laser with pressure switch that directly replaces the red laser on this sight for <$20.

I just don't know how you can find a better deal.

Loaded with features. Dual color illuminated recticle, laser seemed to be set at 20-25 yards. View is clear, only got to fire 3 shots but so far seems good... Waiting on my bipod and spring to sight it in. Came with wrenches and extra batteries.

This is one bad*** scope! Optics are great and it's easy to attach to our gun. The visual effect is awesome and the laser dot is on point. Quality material for an affordable price. Well built, compact, and easy to maintain. Visibility is superb through the lenses. You won't be disappointed in your purchase of this TWOD Rifle Scope.

It really is a great scope package. To be fair, I only have it on a 10/22, but this with the Hogue stock and a few other mods makes this a nice coyote rifle.

At first, I was a little skeptical of the 5 star only ratings but decided to purchase it anyway. First, got a good deal on it, under $70 for a red dot and a full scope was a good deal. Either way I beat the price. Second, the package arrived less than 4 days when I wasn't suppose to receive it for a month so that was on point. Third, assembly was quite easy on top of getting all the batteries, backup batteries and tools needed to put it on. Fourth, product is awesome for the price. I've used it a few times already and I love how much I have to choose. It's easily able to use both scopes at the same time or just substitute one or the other. I recommend this to anyone who needs a decent scope for an AR for sure.

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