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Regulation Bowling Pin for Target Practice
We used advanced science to create a pillow that stays in the ideal sleep temperature all night. The CARBONCOOL Plus OMNIPHASE Pillow by Z is a supportive memory foam pillow with an infusion and surface coating of OMNIPHASE Phase Change Material, which has the unique ability to continually absorb
Lasko's #5812 Automatic Air-Flow Heater uses fan forced heat to spread warmth throughout the room. Heat regulator adjusts heat output as the temperature changes, maximizing energy savings. Uses only 750 watts to maintain comfort. Space saving design can be placed at the wall.
This Moisture Regulation Instrument (MRI) is a two-way humidification device. It offers maximum moisture output/absorption to ensure perfect 70% humidity when charged with CIGAR REMEDY PG SOLUTION. MRI's are filled with a combination of 2 types of Super Absorbent crystals and Moisture Stabilization
3d embroidery and self-applique logo across 2 front panels