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Ninja Paintball 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber HPA Tanks w/ Regulator
Ninja Paintball Compressed HPA Air Tank w/ Adjustable Regulator (ALL COLORS/SIZES)
MADE IN THE USA Adjustable from Low, Medium, or High Pressure
Zebra DNA and Ninja Paintball are excited to introduce our Microbore Remote lines. These new remote lines are 30% smaller, lighter and more flexible than standard remotes on the market while still maintaining proper flow through the line.

MicroBore remote lines will allow players to route
MADE IN THE USA Protects bonnet threads from damage Comes with spare tank o-ring Durable aluminum for maximum protection
Ninja Paintball Compressed HPA Air Tank w/ Ultralite Regulator (ALL COLORS/SIZES)
Fill Hose Extension Hose extension for remote tank pack Working pressure: 4500psi Great for in-flight refueling using remote set-ups!