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Umarex Steel BB Spead Loader- .177 Caliber
These premium 177 steel BBs manufactured by hornady have a black anodized finish and they are 100 percent inspected. The finish provides reduced surface variation for maximizing speed, accuracy, and distance traveled.- 177 BBs- steel- anodized finish - less friction - improves velocity, distance
19 shot drop free metal magazine for quick reloading Powered by one 12 grain CO2 capsule housed in the grip Fixed front and rear sights Integrated Picatinny rail Shoots in double action at 410 feet per second Lightweight and compact design 19-shot drop-free metal magazine
Reliable quality High penetration Maximum Impact Extreme Velocity Caliber: .177
Built in 30 round BB magazine 300 round reservoir 6 shot burst fully automatic Semi automatic single shot action Ultra accurate look and feel 6-shot burst "full-auto" action Single-shot semi-auto action
The Umarex brodax is a modern-day Air-Powered BB slinger revolver that is stylish and attractive. It may remind you of a gun you might see in a video game or science fiction movie. Vented ports are positioned atop the barrel housing with a Picatinny rail positioned at top-rear making it ready for a
Although your Umarex 9XP CO2 pistol magazine holds 20 steel BBs, consider picking up some extra mags and loading them before you hit the firing line. That way, you can just pull the trigger, change out mags and not fumble with filling and possibly spilling BBs. You know how frustrating it is when