Maxpedition Cocoon EDC Pouch

Maxpedition Cocoon EDC Pouch
Compact zippered pouch with lanyard, hidden elastic bill pocket
Overall size: 5"(L) x 1.5"(W) x 2.25"(H)
Main: top half zippered opening, genuine YKK zipper and 550 cord pull
Interior 550 cord lanyard with metal split key ring, through grommet to exterior cord with Dura flex the Mug cord adjuster
Elastic pocket on interior bottom, discreetly located and sized for bills

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Comments / reviews:
Great little pouch. Materials seem to be durable and to be of high quality. Only wish it had a strap or loop to easily attach to other gear.

Made with same materials as all other product they make small but has it purpose

Nice small size pouch and well made. I keep misc items in it and it goes in my EDC bag.

I have a deep center console in my truck and I use this pouch as a coin purse. Easy to retrieve from inside the console.

The pouch is of good quality. It is very small. I wanted to use this for my phone,watch chargers etc. when I travel. It was to small for this. I'm not going to return it because I'm sure I'll use it for something.

nicely made pouch..

I bought this for work to keep my most used drill bits,zippo,and other little thing for work I might need that day. And off work I'll put this on my cargos for my edc gear and still have my other pockets available for what I might need that day. So many possibilities with this thing it's awesome! Another home run in my book by vanquest gear!

Absolutely love the new Maxpedition Cocoon EDC Pouch. It is just the right size to hold a few of my most used EDC items and still easily slip into my bag or even my BDU pocket (or you can hang it from your belt if you are so inclined). This little pouch has a deceivingly large amount of room and I am thinking about getting another one (or two) to be able to throw one in the glove box, etc.

Great small pouch. Pricey but totally well made. Recommended highly for holding small objects with your pack.

Excellent Product

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Security: *
One item includes 2 tactical pouches. Dimensions: 8.3" x 4.7" x 2.2". Constructed by durable 600D nylon material and internal surface are made of waterproof material. 12 Months Warranty. The tactical pack has vinyl sewed inside to keep moisture from soaking through to the material on to the
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ROLLYPOLY Folded: 3 long x 3 wide x 1.75 thickOpen: 6 diameter, 8 tallTotal Volume: 190 cu. in.Empty Weight: 0.3 lbsBelt: Closed LoopAttach: Siamese SlikClip (included); 3 TacTie (sold separately)The Rollypoly is MAXPEDITION's licensed adaptation of the elegant MM Folding Dump Pouch design.
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Handy pouch with paracord lanyard, silences keys Overall size: 2.75"(L) x 1"(W) x 4.25"(H) Main: loop lined, to quiet keys and coins, half zippered opening, genuine YKK zipper and 550 cord pull Interior 550 cord lanyard (12") with metal split key ring, thru grommet to exterior cord with Dura flex