RWS 2315018 Competition 500 Rounds 7.0 Grain .177 Caliber Air Gun Pellets

RWS 2315018 Competition 500 Rounds 7.0 Grain .177 Caliber Air Gun Pellets

RWS air gun pellets are characterized by their particularly skillful material composition, the special surface finish and optimized weight. These things guarantee outstanding precision values. All RWS Match pellets are produced in the classic diabolo shape. Head design, tail section and the special form of the pellet's head plate are decisive factors for the optimum stabilization of the pellet in the air rifle's barrel and therefore also for sharply punched holes. Tight production tolerances combined with strict testing conditions lead to further optimization of accuracy. Whether shooting at a range or shooting for Gold in the Olympics, RWS makes the pellets that deliver. R 10 Match Pellets are constantly monitored for quality during the entire production phase to give the shooter the ultimate in accuracy and performance. RWS Premium R10 Match Pellets are optoelectronic ally inspected for absolute consistency in size and are made with exceptional material quality that delivers a spotless surface finish that is protected from oxidation for long term storage.

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Comments / reviews:
Possible the best pistol pellets.

These are some of the most accurate pellets I have shot through my Crosman 1377. The only pellet that is more accurate through my pistol is the Meisterkugeln Pellets, .177, Competition 8.2g. They are very close in accuracy but the Meisterkugeln Pellets outperform them in my gun. These are in a whole different class than Crosman Premiers. Give these a try but also make sure you try the Meisterkugeln Pellets, .177, Competition 8.2g, especially if you have a Crosman 1377 pistol. You can't go wrong with either.

Good product, spoil recommend to a friend

Awesome pellets. Extremely accurate, and work great in my Crosman 2300. From a rest you can easily get them on top of each other ragged hole to a dime. Raised my average 14 points. ordering another 500. Tin does not screw together. If you don't have one, check out these: . They work great in preventing them from ending up all over the place.

Excellent pellets.

Great pellets for accuracy. In a machine rest these pellets will average 10 shots groups of .260 center to center, in a Daisy 747.

Fastest and most accurate pellet out of my daisy 747. About as light as you can go without using aluminum alloy garbage pellets, but the price is unacceptable. I still can't give a bad rating 'cuz these things follow one and other through the same hole.

The second best pellets you can buy (the r10 match box is THE best). These will save you a bit & give you 99% the consistency of the boxed r10's!

I looked at a number of web sites for this product and found it here at a very competitive price.

Really good !!! Love them !

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