M1 Garand Clip 5rd for Hunting by AEC Aggressive Engineering

M1 Garand Clip 5rd for Hunting by AEC Aggressive Engineering

Spring steel clip for loading (and limiting to) 5 rounds. Commonly needed for hunting where 5 round maximum is required by law.

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Comments / reviews:
Bought for my kids great grandpa. He used to get at Midway but they no longer sell them. He had a few of these years ago and accidentally left them at the range. He's not a computer guy so I found these and bought for him. They work on his .308 garand perfectly.

Works great to load those five loose rounds you had to eject for the range cease fire. It works so well that I keep a 2nd in my other range box.

I am on a member of a Marine Corps League Honor Guard. We use M-1 Garand rifles and use these in place of the standard 8 round clips. They work as they should and I would purchase more of them as the need arises.

Worked as described, fast shipping.

Works perfect. Prompt shipping. Very reasonable price. Recommended to all who have an M1 Girand!

Works as intended, and are well made. Fresh out of the packaging, rounds needed a bit of extra force to load into the clips, but just need to be broken-in. They shipped a bit early and arrived sooner than expected, just in time for my off-days from work.

Great for areas where there is a five shot limit.

Worked as expected. Clip sometimes fails to eject after last round. 5 rounds helps to slow down shooting of expensive ammo at the range.


Haven't had any problems with these clips in a refurbished CMP M1 Garand (208).

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