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Hornady 50116 Standard Lock-N-Load Pistol Metering Insert
This gun and tool cleaner-conditioner & dry lubricant reduces friction causing grime build up. The thin dry film Lube is impervious to heat, cold and supports a Self-Cleaning action resulting in less residue build up and easier removal. - formulated for extended shooting in harsh weather conditions
Hornady Lock-N-Load Shell Plate #1 (22/250 Rem, 22/25 Ackley Imp., 5.6X57, 6MM Int., 6MM Rem Br., 6MM Creedmoor, 243 Win., 244/6MM Rem, 6MM/284, 240 WBY, 257 Roberts, 25/06 Rem, 25/284, 260 Rem., 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5X57, 6.5/284, 6.5/06, 270 Win., 7MM Rem BR., 7MM/08 Rem, 7x57-7MM Mauser, 284 Win.,
Includes bullet puller cullet For use with .260 bullet diameters
Hornady Primer Reamer. Extra reamer head for Primer Pocket Reamer. Primer Pocket Cleaners clear pockets of spent primer residue and carbon fouling for uniform seating of new primer to help ensure consistent, reliable ignition.
For extremely precise measurements, The Micrometer Inserts allow the user to make and montiro incremental changes and return to previous setting.
Includes bullet puller cullet For use with .284 bullet diameters
Hornady's new and improved case activated powder drop has been re-engineered with quick change-over in mind. The retainer spring has been re-engineered for smoother function that previous models and the powder drop only dispenses a powder charge when a case is present. Works with the Lock-N-Load AP
Hornady die maintenance kit. Hornady custom grade new dimension maintenance kit. The kit includes: 2-replacement spindle rods 3-replacement large decapping pins 1-replacement die lock ring 5-replacement shell holder retaining rings 1-replacement expander (diameter =.215 inch.
Hornady 397130 eld seating stem. 6.5mm .264 143 gr eld-x/147 gr eld. This product is manufactured in United States. Reloading accessories.
he new Hornady GS1500 Electronic scale is a cutting edge piece of digital instrumentation. It's sleek, streamlined design and wire free battery power supply (two AAA batteries) does not waste any valuable space on the reloading bench, and its 1500 grain capacity means there's enough capacity to