Allen Ammo Pouch for Shotguns

Allen Ammo Pouch for Shotguns

This ammo pouch from Allen opens quietly and has a side release closure. This pouch attaches to any belt and has 10 shotgun shell loops.

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Comments / reviews:
at this price im very happy with this . elastic holds shells tight . molle straps are sturdy . and even though im replacing the plastic clip , by putting on 2 snap closures , it seems well made . thing is i dont trust 1 closure , plus its a slower cumbersome process opening the clip as opposed to snaps . ide also add to me 10 shells hanging on a molle vest bunched up is too many/too heavy , so im only running 8 per pouch with pouches in varying places . if money was no object ide only rate this 4 , but at price i say its a real good bargain compared to whats out there

I was looking for a simple bandoleer but when I saw this, I was far more interested as it keeps things compact and you wouldn't know it has ammunition in it when it's closed up and on my belt.

Though I haven't been to the range yet with it(I rarely get time these days), I loaded it up and put it on my belt and tested it out.

- Easy to function with one hand
- Holds 10 casings(most shotguns have 5 round magazine capacity so it holds 2 full magazines)
- It's compact

- My only complaint is because of the way this was designed, you can't load up the bottom storage with one hand because it flips down and you have to load the shells in upside down to be able to still pull them out one-handed. This matters to me because at my shotgun range, there are no tables, therefore nowhere to lay down your shotgun if you have no sling(which I don't). Not a deal breaker by any means, but a bit of a downer.

I'm happy with the product and would recommend to my other gun enthusiasts.

Looks even better when you slide some 3" shells in there!! Very nice little pack-O-ten shell holder! The clip is plastic, but has the slide in heads and looks pretty durable! But I can see if you don't take your time you will snap one of the slides off! So I would definately take my time sliding the clips shut! Anyway, the strap that goes all the way around the pouch is elastic, which is really cool! So you can put 2 3/4" shells up to 3 1/2" shells in there and still hold them tight! I slid in (10) 3" #2 Remington Nitro shells in the pouch and closed it up! Man it looks sweet!!! On the back of the pouch it has 2 straps vertically that snap at the bottom, so you can attach it to your MOLLE style equipment! I strapped it on my shotgun scabbard and man I'm here to tell you it looks like it was supposed to be on there!! Just pinch the snaps and they unsnap and the pouch flips open showing off 10 quick rounds of ammo ready to be loaded in the Remington 887 Nitro Mag Tactical!!!

These are perfect. The typical snap clip isn't made for major stress so don't smash it into things while it's strapped to the firearm and it'll last forever. Tight clip connected to elastic band. Like a little .12 GA. briefcase with finger loop to carry it like one. Nice tight fit, The fitted straps with button snaps is my favorite part; You can unsnap them, slide them right behind the .12 GA. (Actually, assault rifle scabbard ) holster fitted tight straps. I got three and loaded them up w/ slugs, bucks, solo balls, bb's-2.5, 2.75 inch, 7.5 & 8 shot standard bird shots. They're going to last me thru having to defend myself from ppl someday. Plenty of ammo mofos! Come get some Remington .870 TACT!

Bought this for use in airsoft. Works great with not only shotgun shells, but the pouch is also just long enough for 12g CO2 cartridges. Decent quality for the price, wish I had bought another when they were like $5 and add-on items.

Only gripes I have are with regards to the MOLLE straps. There's no loops on the pouch so you can weave it into your gear, and there's hook-side velcro on the inside of the straps. The latter helps if you have a riggers belt that has the loop side, but otherwise it has the potential to damage the MOLLE loops on whatever you're throwing this on. Both problems aren't deal breakers, but something to keep in mind.

So I ended up spending a decent amount of money buying different types of shotgun pouches and this one is the best! I needed something for my molle vest and took a gamble. this product says nothing about being molle compatible, that being said it works perfectly with your pals webbing! it has 2 straps on the back with button snaps and it holds very securely on my vest. the reason this was the best pouch in my eyes is because its a buckle to open meaning you can open it very quietly... all the others I got are velcro and you have to rip them open being very noisy. there is a stretchy band with a buckle that holds the pouch closed. the only thing I dont like is its a civilian woodland camo pattern on my acu vest but I'm over it!
The price is right and this is the perfect pouch for the upper parts of your vest where other pouches are too wide.
Give this pouch a shot you wont be disappointed.

This is a very nice shotgun shell holder, especially for the price. In addition the original one sent to me had a non functioning clasp, but Amazon took care of that in very quick fashion. In fact the replacement arrived in just three days from the time I reported the issue. I've already used it to hold my ammo when shooting skeet.
As for the pouch it attaches to a belt and once the clasp is released simply drapes in place as indicated by the photos. Access to your shells is rather simple and quiet, which will make it useful during hunting. The outside color, which is difficult to see from pictures is a woodland camo design, with the inside being black as indicated in the photos. A great all around little product!

Well built, but PALS attachement staps have inferior snaps that will not stay connected. Ended up cutting them off and replacing with hook-and-loop version of my own design.
Also - why only 10 slots? My Winchester holds at least six (depending on length), and it would be nice to have a pouch that provides 2 reloads.... Come on Allen... add a few slots for the real shooters out here. You charge enough for it!

Works well. Very well as a matter of fact. Wish I had ordered two. If your a nit-picker, I am sure you can find a problem with it. For it's price it goes well beyond what I expected in that price range. The elastic will, I am sure, wear out and stretch, but then, I will find a use for it at that time as well.

Transports ten of either 12 or 20 gauge shells. While the pouch opens quietly compared to a Velcro closure, the buckle will produce a sharp click when re-fastened. Not fancy but quite adequate for the low cost. Has a belt slide attached to the back for field use or can be tossed into a gear bag for easy retrieval without fishing for loose rounds. 5 star function to price ratio

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