Safariland 773 Competition Single Magazine Holder, Black, Plain, for 1.5-Inch Belt Right Hand

Safariland 773 Competition Single Magazine Holder, Black, Plain, for 1.5-Inch Belt Right Hand

Safariland's model 773 Competition magazine pouch is an improved design. Utilizes the same adjustable belt loop and rollers as the 771. The fron area has been closed so that it helps retain the magazine. There is also a built up channel for clearance of the tip of the bullet during the draw. Note: Order this magazine holder by which hand you shoot with. Right hand shooters wear the pouch on the left side and reload with the left hand. The opening is faces to the rear and the bullets in the magazine face forward for both right and left hand shooters. Fits: Beretta 8045F; Glock 17, 22, 34, 35; H&K P2000 12 Round, USP 40C, USP 9C; Sig P229, SP2340; S&W Sigma 40C, Sigma 40F, Sigma 9C, Sigma 9mm, SW40V, SW99, SW9V Springfield Armory XDM 40

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Comments / reviews:
I use these magazine holders several times a week and so far they have been great. I like the ability to adjust the tension and cant of the mags on the belt. I got three of them and use them as separate mag holders, and they are no problem at all. Well constructed and adjustable!! Makes magazine changes while speed shooting a snap! About half the time of struggling with some other magazine holders.

Great Mag holders! I have 3 of these that I run in all of my competition matches (falling steel, steel challege, USPSA and 3 Gun). Fits my M&P Pro 9mm, double stack 17 round mags like a glove and with the adjustable screws, I have perfect retention as I'm 'running and gunning' for my 3 gun matches, even when you have to hit the ground for prone rifle shooting before pistol work. I do have to trim down the retention screws with a dremel by 1/16 of an inch because otherwise they stick out too far and get caught trying to attach/detech with my ELS clips (I have a sfariland belt) but they work beautifully.

I use these with S&W M&P9 full size Mags for USPSA shooting in Limited Class (where almost anything goes). I love the adjustable angle. I have mine (3 currently, getting two more soon) set at about 45 degrees (similar to the product photo). This puts the mags in a very natural grip angle when going for a fast reload. In limited and open division my mags are right front and center, the angle adjustment makes it perfect.

The only detractor is the belt loop attachment; and it's not even that much of a negative. Tool less design (like a tech lock) would be nice, but for the price and the fact that once it's on your belt it probably isn't going to get moved too much, this is a 5 star winner to me!

Fully adjustable cant and retention. easy to use. fits great.

Works great with my ELS setup. Bought other accessory attachments as well. Makes change out faster and cleaner.

My husband absolutely loves these mag holders since he can adjust how they sit on his belt at a forward or backward angle instead of having to have them sit straight upright. having a few across the belt, you can't have them all facing up since it makes for an awkward reach when trying for a fast reload on the run.

Great magazine holder and adjustable for different size mags

Love em, good quality, work perfect. Dont expect the screws to maintain the squeeze you set it to though.

These have sped up my reloads in matches. Great stuff!

exactly as described, but make sure you get the right ones for your mags (there are several different sizes) Go to the Safariland website to make sure.

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