Tech MIC Holster Black 20,21,30,36,37,38,39

Tech MIC Holster Black 20,21,30,36,37,38,39

Since 1997 the one and only design of the original MIC (Minimal Inside Carry) holster for Safe Action Pistols has been a staple in the library of products. You will see imitations of this holster on the internet, you tube and many other places. What you see here is the first, and the original MIC holster. Fits Models G20,21,30,36,37,38,39

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Comments / reviews:
I originally complained that the MIC was way too tight to draw. Well, it's against factory warranty, but I ended up drilling a small hole on the under side of the MIC holster. I then made a cut with my dremel towards the grip. Now the grip of the MIC is not so tight that it snags when I draw, and it's still snug enough that I feel safe when it's holstered.

I have also switched the cord with paracord and a carbine at the end for easy holstering. I leave it on at all times there is a round in the chamber, and during dry fire sessions it has served well in disengaging the trigger when drawn. I now recommend this product.

Be advised I am not telling you to drill a hole and modify the MIC as I did. It's not recommended by the manufacture, but the modification did fix an issue I had with it. The amount of grip it has out of the box may be fine for other Glock owners, but it was not acceptable for me.

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Just got this in the mail.

The problem I have with it, is that when I draw it really grabs on to the Glock. In a panic situation this can be a problem if I attempt to draw my Glock and the holster ends up yanking it out of my hands. You really have to grasp tightly and draw the weapon with force to unlatch the holster.

I wish it was a bit more loose, it just seems to be holding on to the Glock too tightly to be effective for drawing.

I will be taking it to the range this month to practice drawing and firing with it. From there I will either return it or give an updated opinion.

I have a couple dedicated appendix carry holsters and also some strong side 3'oclock IWB's. The problem with them is you have to jam so much holster material inside your waistband which can be uncomfortable or may print when you don't want it to. The MIC holster for Glock handguns eliminates the excess holster leather, kydex, clips etc.

Couple of observations:
-Hides well at around 1200-0100 position
-Extremely simple, snaps over the trigger guard
-Pretty secure since it is on a lanyard to your gun belt

Things I don't like
-Draw/presentation length takes some getting used to, couple of times reknotting lanyard to get it to the carry depth you want
-Can move around a bit side to side depending on how short you adjust your lanyard
-No one-handed reholstering

The cons of this are trade-offs you deal with for using such a simple minimalistic CC holster, I think over all it is a fantastic product.

Way better than expected. Will hold a full sized G21 fully loaded with a 13 round clip securely.
I am using it in conjunction with a belly belt.
I like the extra security of having a trigger guard.
Shipping was very fast and packed well.
This is an item I would order again from the same vendor.

Use these for various purposes. From AIWB carry to kidney carry to just protecting the trigger during storage or transport.

Awsome product. Holds model 30 securely and allows for Mexican Carry with no tell - loop the lanyard around your belt, click the MIC onto the trigger guard, tuck it in your waistline and away you go!!

Works well in conjunction with a Clip Draw device.

This holster has totally changed my CCW methods! It is so simple and so effective! It has enabled me to carry my G30 all the time! Please give it a try i think you will like it!

This is a cool little gadget for sure! Works perfect, the retention keeps the gun from falling out of it, but not to string when drawing making it a good combination. It's simple, small and very effective. Price might be a little high but def worth it. Believe it is a lifetime warranty as well. Gives you a piece of mind for glock carriers since there is no safety and having this makes you feel like there's a safety. Plus if you keep it in a draw it's nice to have and easy to pull of. Very nice product

Yes. I think it works pretty good. I have a glock G30 Gen 4 and it fit perfectly. Definitely makes carrying a fatter pistol without the bulk of a holster much easier.

For a bigger guy this is definitely what I need. I carry appendix and it leaves no footprint, they only thing and it's most likely my belt is that it feels like the handle of my glock 36 is going to slip into my pants, if I shortened the lanyard a little this might help but it's just a minor thing that I can fix with a better belt, the fit is snug on the gun and practice drawing is a must, it is a great holster

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