Double Eagle Heavy Weight Pistol Grip 3 Shot Shotgun  

Double Eagle Heavy Weight Pistol Grip 3 Shot Shotgun

This Multi-Burst Spring Shotgun from Double Eagle with hop up has the actual look and feel of a Real shotgun. With the combination of power, durability, free extras and of course the Tri-Burst, make this a top deal. В Includes a 30rd Shotgun style Shell Magazine and Pistol grip.

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Comments / reviews:
Works great. I am rough on it in battle and hitting it on rocks. That sucker fires golden!!!

Bought for my son. He loves it and says it is a great gun. He likes how shells can fire multiple shots and the distances they go. Seems sturdy works as promised.

it need more shell and green gas

Wish it shot a little farther but it's awesome

Has a nice feel and really accurate I was more than satisfied.

Love it! It works great and is just what I was looking for. It weights a lot and doesn't properly eject that shell, but it still works.

Exactly what we were hoping for!

so far so good. the only thing i don't like about it is it feels plasticy but hey i have had the utg one for about 2 years and it feels the same, and still works great!

My son loves his this gun.

An excellent airsoft shotgun for teens and adults. Has a very good weight and feel, great accuracy, minimal recoil, and a modest sound signature compared to the other springer shotguns I've handled. Very consistent in its behaviors and performance. Haven't owned it for a long time, but I'm pleased with the quality and the value of what I got. It definitely feels like it will last.

Included is 1 shell, which holds 30 rounds for 10 shots. It's an excellent design and you can find replacements here on Amazon. When you press the lever to open the breech, the shell will pop out, though not with much force. If you want the shell to eject, it helps to turn the blaster on its side or upright when pressing the lever.

Also included is a speedloader. It seems a bit fragile, but is working great for this gun as well as my pistols. Next, there's a sling made of webbing. For those who never used this type of sling, you loop your webbing through the sling swivel (the slotted metal tab near the front), then weave it back through the buckles, passing it underneath the first run of webbing and finally pulling all the way through. Do the same with the swiveling loop near the back and you have a decent sling that stays attached, makes minimal noise and doesn't move around too much. Finally, there's a cleaning/dejamming rod and maybe 300rds of white-colored BBs. The ammo is fine; haven't had to use the rod yet.

The accuracy of this gun is quite good - like a shotgun with a choke. I was producing 1" groupings at 15 ft. and 1.75"-2" groupings at 30 ft, shooting Crosman 0.20g "Match Grade" bbs and Tactical Force 0.25g. I recommend any biodegradeable 0.25g ammo; you get very good accuracy and all those BBs you're spraying won't cause litter in the yard. The sights are quite good too, indexed with white painted notches. At close range (<30ft.), it shoots (and kicks) like an oldschool Red Ryder BB gun, and hits exactly where you line the top of the sights up. I've put this gun through 300 rounds so far, and haven't had any mechanical issues. It's great for plinking, as you can make up scoring mechanics for hitting with more than one BB at once. The pump action, too, spoils me - I'm used to lever-action BB guns, which you can prime and shoot without taking your aim off target, but not nearly as easily as you can do it with this shotgun. But the heavy prime does take a bit of getting used to. My mom primes it against herself like a crossbow.

I'm much more into NERF than airsoft, but I would feel confident going into an airsoft war with this - provided I had an extra shell or two. If you get practice, you can eject then speedload a shell and have it back in the gun in only a few seconds, but it'd still be much faster to have them preloaded.

I recommend this airsoft gun!

EDIT: Something I forgot to mention before. The sling swivel on the rear of the gun is not ambidextrous. If you shoot and wear the gun left-handed, it can be an annoyance. It looks like I can convert it, but of course, this will void my warranty. So I'm going to leave it as-is. Everything else about the gun is top-notch; my whole family likes it.

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