Crosman CFRNP17SX Fire Nitro Piston Air Rifle

Crosman CFRNP17SX Fire Nitro Piston Air Rifle

The new Crosman Fire breakbarrel.177cal rifle is powered by a Nitro Piston that shoots up to 1200fps with alloy ammo and is ready for your next excursion. It is built with synthetic, all-weather material, making it a practical choice for the avid outdoorsman. The kit includes a CenterPoint 4x32 precision scope for superior accuracy and target acquisition. This product has an ambidextrous safety, so both right-handed and left-handed users can fire with ease. The Fire has a safety that can be used when shooting on the left or the right. Don't forget to purchase safety glasses and Crosman 177cal pellets!.

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Comments / reviews:
This Exceeded my expectations for the price. The 4x32 Scope works great and was sighted in with 6 shots at 25 yards. After sighted, it kept a grouping of about 1 1/2" for 8 straight shots w/ Crosman Premier Destroyer 7.4 gr. Lead Pellets. This has plenty of power with a small recoil. Great Air Rifle! I'm curious to see results with the lighter Alloy Pellets versus Lead

This item performed the tasks I needed taken care of just fine. lacks a fifth star because of the optics. 3rd Crossman product I have purchased.

This gun performs just as I thought it would. The scope isn't bad and I don't know why people said it was but this is my first air gun so I'm not entirely sure. The scope does take some work to sight in but nothing hard.

This is a very high quality pellet gun, i did not expect this air rifle to work as good as it did, it has killed raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and birds. all from a distance from 20-40 yards away. so if you choose to purchase this gun it will make you proud.

Love this gun! like any other airgun you have to find the pellet it likes, mine likes jsb exact 8.44 grain

nice piece , works great

This rifle is sturdy and comfortable to hold. Like most break barrel air guns, the piston recoils quite a bit, affecting your ability to track your target after you shoot. Would recommend a decently sized bipod to accompany it. The trigger pull is a bit heavy, but once you have the hang of the two stage feature of it, it is becomes easier to handle. I would also recommend getting a more stable scope mount and maybe even a better scope. All in all, the rifle is well designed for its purpose as a target/ varmint hunting rifle. If you want something more serious and you all ready have a break barrel air rifle, get a nitro piston 2 version. Those can shoot 22 cal pellet at about the same velocity that this rifle shoots a 117 cal pellet. For a first timer like me, this is perfect for learning how to shoot with discipline.

Great rifle. Works perfect and very accurate.

great for the price

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