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Hunting Scabbard Shotgun Holster Short Barrel Shotgun Scabbard Holster Bag Sling Shoulder Rifle Padd...
Size: 6"L X 2"W X 19"H
Color: Black
Weight: 650g

What is included:
1 x Shotgun Scabbard
Safely designed to carry a short cane Shotgun gun handle during the breach procedure Two MOLLE belts on each side allow ambidestro to mount to mesh or pack Padded, adjustable, removable shoulder strap allows you to sling your weapon The sheath is thickly padded for protection Elastic attached shell
The MOLLE rifle scabbardis designed for shoulder carry or modular mounting. Can be slung oblique across your back with the adjustable, removable shoulder strap. Allowing you to draw it quickly when needed. The scabbard is padded to protect the weapon in tight spaces. Useful and Practical for