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Hammers Shooting Stick/Monopod Gun Pod Shooting Stick/Monopod, Lightweight Alloy, Black
* Lightweight aluminum alloy legs have 3 telescopic sections with twist locks * V yoke mounted on top pivots freely and provides a steady platform for shooting in a standing, off-hand position * Height adjustable from 25" to 68", it works just as well from sitting, or kneeling positions * EVA foam
A quick setup lightweight bipod that has bungee-corded legs of tent pole style: Sections of the legs are made of lightweight and yet strong aluminum alloy tubing of 3/8inch diameter and extends to assembly instantly when swung open. Rubber joints between sections cushions and lessen the noise when
This V yoke can be used as a monopod or tripod accessory when you carry a heavy SLR camera with long zoom lens. The yoke can be mounted on top of the monopod and you may just rest the camera lens on the yoke as a quick support. It is also a good choice to convert a regular lightweight monopod into