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Maddog High Performance Air Seal Nozzle M4/M16
Maddog Tactical Half-Finger Gloves Tactical Half Finger gloves are perfect for protecting your hands without compromising maneuverability. This means you can keep your fingers safe while rolling your trigger and spraying paint. Features: * Low profile tactical shielding at top of hand * Mesh fabric
The Maddog Pro Padded Chest Protector helps take the PAIN out of Paintball! Features: * Strategically placed padding everywhere you need it! * Padded Chest, Back, Shoulders, Upper Arms, & Torso * Protective, Breathable, and Maneuvers Comfortably * Sizing - Runs a bit larger than typical shirt size
Maddog has brought you a new line of padded chest protectors! All the fun without the pain of paintball or airsoft. Features: * Lightweight body armor provides front and back protection * Elastic shoulder straps and adjustable side strap to fit most sizes * Flexible Armor for easy maneuvering and
Don't Get Caught Out of Ammo! Carry MORE Paint and Reload on the GO! 150 Round Capacity (.68 Caliber Paintballs) Gradually Raised 'BONES' Grips + Indented Thumb Tab for Faster, No-Look Reloads Fits All Standard Paintball Harnesses No Collar - Solid Construction, Durable Polypropylene
Maddog 5 Year 48ci 3000psi HPA Tank. High quality aluminum high-pressure air tank designed with safety as a top priority. These tanks are new, with a fresh monthly manufacture date. Each and every cylinder meets or exceeds industry regulations for quality and they're manufactured in facilities that
Maddog Lightweight Paintball Sport Vest - Black Four Elastic Ejector Pod Holder attachments w/ ripcords which can hold Four (4) 140 Round Pods Two Chest Pockets/Pouches For: Phone, Wallet, Keys, Tools, Money, Etc. +Vest ID Velcro Durable Scenario Vest Construction (Tank & Pods NOT Included) Tank
Universal design fits all ages and sizes Lightweight foam construction protects neck from bruises and welts Molded, contoured design is flexible and designed to flex and move with head movement Breathable fabric laminate is stain resistant and easy to clean Adjusts from 13.5" up to 18" | One Size
A cylinder head for version 2 gearboxes. It features a double O-ring for a greater air seal, and features a rubber bumper to absorb the piston head's shock. Made from Anodized Aluminum. Features: * Made of Anodized Aluminum * Compatible w/ Version 2 Gearboxes * High Density * High Strength Shock
Get all the gear you need to stay protected and keep playing the game. Our gear is meant to keep up with the rough player that doesn't just go out for a game or two, but for the whole day. The easily adjustable pads can also be used for younger players and offers great protection, without hurting
Upgrade your AEG with Maddog! AEG upgrade springs vary in rating. Features: * Upgraded AEG Springs * AEG Upgrade Springs vary in rating. All Maddog AEG Upgrade Springs are Made in USA!