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2254052 Umarex USA, Colt Saa45 .177 Silver Cartridges, 6 Pack
The Elite Force 1911 Tac comes with everything needed and more when you are looking to upgrade froma standard 1911. This pistol also comes in a custom color configuration to make it stand out in a sea of 1911s. Don’t forget that the Elite Force 1911’s come with the threaded tip for all of the
Velocity (Approx.): 380 FPS Accuracy (Approx.): 120+ Ft Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds Caliber: 6mm .20g Or Higher METAL smooth bore barrel Made By: UMAREX See Description
Reliable quality High penetration Maximum Impact Extreme Velocity Caliber: .177
Built in 30 round BB magazine 300 round reservoir 6 shot burst fully automatic Semi automatic single shot action Ultra accurate look and feel 6-shot burst "full-auto" action Single-shot semi-auto action
Walther P99 CO2 Holds 15 rounds Fits the CO2 airsoft pistol 6mm caliber Holds 15 rounds Fits the CO2 airsoft pistol This product is restricted from shipment into the state of New York
Air guns are a special breed and require special tools to clean them. Aggressive brushes used on firearms are unsuitable and unnecessary for cleaning air rifles and air pistols. Umarex has put together this special airgun-only cleaning kit with all the right tools so you can properly clean your air
8-shot Rotary Magazine Holds 8 pellets of desired shape 0.177 caliber Only available for purchase in certain zip codes 8-shot Rotary Magazine Holds 8 pellets of desired shape Package includes 3 pieces
The Umarex brodax is a modern-day Air-Powered BB slinger revolver that is stylish and attractive. It may remind you of a gun you might see in a video game or science fiction movie. Vented ports are positioned atop the barrel housing with a Picatinny rail positioned at top-rear making it ready for a
Invert can and make sure charging nozzle is perpendicular to the valve stem. Press nozzle into magazine for 2-3 seconds. Repeat as necessary until magazine is full. Valve misalignment will cause gas leak when charging and result in an inadequate charge. DO NOT PUNCTURE. DO NOT LEAVE CANISTER IN
Although your Umarex 9XP CO2 pistol magazine holds 20 steel BBs, consider picking up some extra mags and loading them before you hit the firing line. That way, you can just pull the trigger, change out mags and not fumble with filling and possibly spilling BBs. You know how frustrating it is when