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Toprade Multiple Color Felt Ball/Fuzzy ball Slingshot Ammo Safe for Children
Flat Rubber/Latex Band Length: 20in Good elasticity, Fast Springback 4 in a package Professional slingshot accessories
A good tool for children to exercise.They shoot straight and hit hard,Can be loaded at any slingshot.They break easily though, so you will run out of them quickly.If you leave them outside in the rain they eventually dissolve.Colors are 100% natural and can be easily cleaned after usage or
10 mm diameterSome of the balls have imperfections such as flat areas, chips or size variationsClean and good for the environmentThe ammo is a good balance between light and heavy, and is the ideal size for shooting in all kinds of slingshots
в–єPackage includes 1 slingshot, cotton ball ammo в–єComfortable hand feeling for both kids and adults в–єSmooth surface в–єPackage includes slingshot and Cotton Ammo в–єMaterial:В wood