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Fobus Roto Paddle 6900RP Double Mag Pouch Glock 9& 40, H&K 9&40
BRAND NEWВ Fobus Evolution Roto-Holster Taurus Judge 2.5 & 3 Cylinder Paddle PouchВ  Fobus Holster TAURUS JUDGE 2.5" & 3" CYLINDER - EVOLUTION ROTO-HOLSTER™ PADDLE Fits Taurus Judge 2.5" & 3" Cylinder Unique Roto-Holster™ system rotates 360В° employing a forward or rearward cant.
The SR-22 BH RT Fits Ruger SR22. Fobus International was the first holster maker to introduce molded injectedpolymer holsters into the market, contributing greatly to the firearms industry.Established by Chanan Har-Shen in 1978, starting out with leather holsters. Our holsters feature passive